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Excellence in Leadership

Part B- Case Study

  1. Write accountabilities and responsibilities for the three management trainers you are appointing

Accountabilities and responsibilities refer to the establishment of individuals or people for whom a person is responsible for managing and clarifying the party responsible for an action or activity before the said action or activity is executed. In the current case, the management trainers will be responsible for the training of FoodStuff’s shift supervisors. The activities and actions they will be responsible for include leadership, designing of the training program, organizing, moderating and being a business partner to the company. Under designing of the training program, the management trainers will assess the needs of the shift operators and adapt the program to their needs. In addition to that, the trainers will design learning materials and training manuals. Under leadership, they will be responsible for instructing and directing the shift operators throughout the entire training session. Additionally, they will be responsible for defining the training situation as well as the management and control of the group process. As organizers, the trainers will be in charge of arranging the training room and making ready the training materials. As part of moderation, they will activate the sharing of experiences. As presenters, the trainers will be responsible for structuring the presentations, defining the training process, structuring presentations and controlling both their verbal and non-verbal language.

  1. List all the resources these trainers will require to accomplish their tasks successfully

To accomplish their tasks successfully, the trainers will require the following resources:

  • Exercise books

  • Marker pens

  • Projectors

  • Training rooms

  • Working sound systems

  • Food and drinks

  1. Design a support system for the trainers to help them perform their responsibilities more effectively

To help the trainers perform their responsibilities more effectively, a support system based on e-learning will be deployed. A web-based portfolio on which the shift operators will be able to log into and access reading materials such as notes and videos will be set up. The portal will also come with capabilities for the trainees to interact with each other and share their experiences across the three weeks of the training program.

  1. As a manager, explain how you are going to accomplish the following

Create a Positive Workplace Environment

A positive work-environment is essential to the success of any given organization. It makes it possible for the employer to get the most out of their employees. Within a positive work environment, employees feel accepted, encouraged and happy (Sussex). This way, they become more motivated, thereby strive to perform even better. As a manager, the first thing I will do to establish a positive work environment is to engage my team members in meaningful conversations. This will make it possible to connect with those under my leadership at a personal level. Engaging in meaningful conversations helps remove the tension that often exists between leaders and their subordinates (Sussex). Lowering this tension will help ensure that clear lines of communication are established. This way, it will be possible to know what the employees what and for the employees to have a clear understanding of what the management expects of them.

Another thing I will do is to be accommodating to the different ideas that members of my team have. The workforce has become diverse, meaning that employers can now tap into the many great ideas that such a workforce comes with. Listening to the ideas that team members might have is also another way to motivate them for it communicates that they are also important members of the organization. Constantly appreciating my team members will also go a great way in helping establish a positive work environment (Sussex). Many employees who are not satisfied with their jobs report that their hard work is never appreciated. Workers can be shown appreciation in many different ways, including a simple thank you, recognition as well as a recommendation for promotions and higher pay. A positive work environment will also be established by showing my team members that I trust them. The best way to show them that I trust them is by often delegating duties and responsibilities and letting them own the tasks that have been delegated to them.

Encourage teams and individuals to develop innovative approaches to the performance of work in the workplace

Developing a focus on innovation helps in ensuring that every other stakeholder in the said business is working towards the improvement of the business’s efficiency and better work practices. Teams and individuals are among the most important assets of any given entity. As such, involving them in the development of innovative approaches to the performance of work is important to the overall success of the company. As a manager, one of the things I will do to encourage teams and individuals to be part of the company’s innovation process is by ensuring that an innovation culture is established. This includes encouraging employees to be open to sharing and adopting new ideas. The teams and individuals can also be involved in innovation by ensuring that the people who are hired come from diverse backgrounds and have an alternative set of ideas and approaches to solving problems. I will also encourage innovation among teams and individuals by approachable and open to new ideas. This way, my team members will always be encouraged to make recommendations as well as suggestions that might help streamline the work process. Creating opportunities for my team members as well as offering rewards to those who come up with the best ideas will also go a great way in helping encourage innovation.

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