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  • Business analysis is analysis of the organization in regard to its requirements and design and making the right recommendation to the business. Business analysis doesn’t involve working out right thinks to do and working out how to do them right but it involves analysis of businesses requirements in an organization and providing the required measure for it. It begins by building the business analysis plan and using the plan in identifying organizations needs. Therefore analysis is process which requires adhering to different procedures depending on the requirement type.
  • Mission is a long term achievement in an organization and states overall organization purpose. Goals, strategies, objectives and tactics are used to achieve mission which is a non financial target which CEO’s strive to achieve in an organization.

Strategy is a constructed plan that is used to achieve goals and objectives in an organization.

Vision is a picture which shows the future level of an organization. It describes how the organization will look in future after achieving its aims.

Goals are long term aims which are broad and striving at achieving organizations mission.

Objectives are specific targets which measure the achievement of organizational goals for specific time period. Created to offer directions for achieving organizational goals.

Measure is a specific amount given to certain objective they are created to show quantifiable amount which organization has achieved compared to the set targets.

Strategic planning is an approach which is employed in an organization when undertaking a certain project. The approach is used when venturing to new projects. Strategic business planning

  • Objectives are the set goals which individual or organizations strive at achieving. They tend to direct the organization in their performance by directing it on to where it is heading to. Different objectives are set in an organization depending on the projects the organization have but they should all strive toward the same direction. Incompatible objectives lead to organizational failure as it becomes very difficult for the organization to achieve them as they require excessive resources.

Measure directs the organization on what they are trying to achieve numerically. Useful measures should always be reliable, specific, reflect clear picture of business and cost effective.

  • Critical thinking is ability for individual to think clearly and in rational manner it involves observation evaluation reflective and logical reasoning to come up with solutions. It involves the use of interconnected skills to creatively analyze and evaluated ideas before taking the congruent decision. Critical thinking is different from normal thinking as with critical thinking decisions are evaluated creatively and critically as opposed to normal thinking where by critical evaluation of ideas is not required.

Critical thinking is not applicable when making decisions without options and when under authority as one has to follow the given decision regardless of how negative it impacts them.

  • Reductionism thinking is a philosophy that is based on process of problems solving. It is based on breaking the complex issues in a simplified manner to understand its components from behavioral perspective. Therefore scientific thinking involves breaking the problem at hand in components to find a solution depending from the components perspective.

System thinking is where by the concept is taken as a whole as opposed to breaking it down into components to learn its behavior. The issue at hand is solved by understanding the relationship between the systems components.

Reductionism thinking involves breaking problem into simpler components where as system thinking involves learning the system as a whole to understand its behavior. Secondly with system thinking the issue is learned by analyzing the different system parts connections while in reductionism the analysis is based on the system parts. Lastly scientific thinking is only applicable in scientific field as opposed to system thinking which is used in several fields to mention a few, environment, business and biology.

  • Gerald Nosich fundamental approach to support critical thinking.
  • De bono Six hats is very powerful procedure that assist in solving problems, looking for way forward, analyzing situations and making informed decisions. The process abandons the normal way of thinking and help individuals in viewing situations from different perspective there fore enabling one to identify ideas which could not be spotted under normal circumstances. Six hat thinking process works by encouraging participants to be in parallel thinking. Each color representation is considered in turn. To begin with white hat; group or individuals thinks about the facts and figures required in a given situation. Secondly is red hat which provides analysis for emotional views: intrusion, hunches and feelings. Thirdly is wearing of the black hat where by it includes analysis of situations downsides like barriers, weaknesses, cautions and difficulties. Fourthly there is yellow hat which analysis the upsides like, values, benefits and positive results. Thereafter there is green hat which identifies creative ideas like alternatives lastly are the blue hat which involves analyzing the views to come up with critical idea.

De bono beliefs that six hats model will assist in actualizing thinking potential of team members as it enables each individual to view issue from different perspective.

De bono beliefs that his technique will reduce competition and confrontation while encouraging commitment and corporation as it discourages argument and less side conversations in a group. Hence is thinking hats help in driving individual views and focus as it opens doors for critical thinking, good communication and resolution to a problem.

Six hats technique can facilitate creative and critical thinking as it involves critically analyzing of the issue at hand by looking at it from different perspective which forces the thinker to think beyond the habitual style of thinking helping one to get congruent views about the situation.

Individuals can use the six thinking hats in solving the issue at hand. The reason behind this is the fact that each individual hat is worn at different time therefore individual has the potential of wearing all the hats to analyze his problem at hand as Bono argued that his technique was to give individuals mind way of thinking from different points of view.

  • Rogers’ Diffusionof innovations is a theory which explains why how and rate at which technology and ideas spread through cultures. He described diffusion as a way through which innovations are communicated via channels over time. He introduced innovativeness as a way through which individual are more adaptive to new ideas in social system. He put forward five types of adaptors.

First 2.5% of adaptors are inventors who are educated, venturesome, have information and are ever ready to take risk.

The next 13.5% are early adapters who are leaders in the social communities and are ever ready to adapt to new ideas. They are attracted by risky and rewarding projects and are less sensitive to higher prices.

Early majority adopters form 34% and are those who never look for good ideas apart from looking for the revolution changes.

Late majority form 34% of adopters and are those individuals who are traditional, skeptical and have low income as they are price sensitive.

16% of the adopters are composed of laggards. Who are sensitive to technology and never believe in new ideas.

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  • Innovator is an individual or group which comes with an idea which is transformed into services or goods which could be paid for. The invention should satisfy specific need and attract economical benefits to the innovator or the society.

Invention being termed as revolution means that new changes are included as opposed to evaluation which is change of an existing idea. Revolution should also a discontinuous process of change as it brings about new inventions which if implemented could lead to complete alteration of the existing process as opposed to transformational which changes the existing system. Innovation is associated with paradigm change as it involves complete shift of ideas from the existing ones.

  • Innovation is a process but not an idea. According to the managers statement being the best doesn’t mean being innovative. Therefore their program failed because they did not analyses their ideas in the innovation process to choose the best option. To have successful innovation ideas should always be analyzed critically to come up with ideas which are economically beneficial to the society. For example Microsoft Company started as a small company where by different inventions within the organization has increased the organizations asset base as well as its overall performance.