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4Engineers Without Borders

EWB process 3

So far, the project is progressing on well. We already identified the type of material to be used for construction. We have landed on bamboo as it is readily available. The materials that have to be used as the floor have also been selected. At the moment, we are focusing on the design description of the equipment. This project would come with playground equipment that would be used by children of East Timor. The selected playground equipment would be environment friendly yet durable. This would compose of a see saw, swing set as well as the tyre ladder. Bamboo was chosen due to its stiffness and high strength. It can make a see saw strong enough to withstand the weight of kids. Additionally, the ropes used are also strong that would hold the joints tightly. The procedure on how the equipments would be manufactured is being analyzed and ascertaining which the most appropriate method is utilized.

We are analyzing the components list with the required material that would be used to make the equipment. This has been done by breaking down the components that would be required in the construction process and explaining what would happen to each component. Additionally, we are noting down the necessary steps that would be used to build the equipment. This would be noted in step form that would be accompanied with diagrams for further explanations. This includes, listing the bill of materials, inclusion of rough sketches or diagrams and the component list that would include all the materiasl as well as their cost.

In the course of next few weeks, we are going to perform a range of activities. These would include;

  • Ascertaining the cost of the building material

  • Establishing the exact quantities that are required for construction

  • Establishing the correct process that would be used in the construction

  • Conducting implementation overview

So far, I have developed my communication skills. This has been achieved through continuous reading of English literature. This would be practices by speaking to as many people who are English naïve speaker, so as to gain more confidence. I also aim to increase the number of people that I interact with so as to ensure that I meet various challenges that would make me to learn more. In order to understand the culture and interact well with the natives, there is need to understand their culture. This has also enabled to understand their social set up. This would be enhanced by enhancing my social skills.

I also aim to improve on my social skills by increasing my cultural knowledge about the local set up. This would be achieved by visiting the local libraries and reading cultural related literature that would make me understand the cultural set up of the surrounding. His would enable me to understand what the children of Timor enjoy most and set for them the appropriate equipments in the project. In the process, I have also attended seminars that teach on capacity building that aims to enhance ones confidence. This would be important when I would be attending interviews for my future job.


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