Evidence Collection and preservation Essay Example

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Evidence collection and preservation

The video and the information presented can be very essential in investigation crimes scenes this is clearly evident in that it offers learners and readers with a clear and concise understanding of the fundamentals of crime scene management and more so as it relates to the collection and preservation of evidence. The video and information presented shows that it is essential for one to have advanced preparation and in this regard crime scene investigators need to have some personal supply of the crime scene equipment ready at all times and this may include the fingerprint kit, film/memory card, camera, batteries, reserve supply of tags and bags and the general crime scene equipments such as the sketching materials, barrier tape and forms. The information is also helpful in that it shows that different personnel should be involved and this may include but not limited to the team leader, photographer and photo log recorder, the sketcher, evidence collectors, evidence recorder and specialists (University of Central Oklahoma 1).

Based on previous readings and the chapter three reading, there are a number of things that I would do differently with the major one being taking full awareness of the weather conditions and this taking the necessary precautionary measures in instances when adverse weather conditions are anticipated. Such kind of precautions will be essential in that the evidence may be taking in the right time before it is altered. Additionally, I would also take note of exit and entry points that may need additional protection (Miller and Jones 46)

The video pertains to all the investigation officers that may be involved in an investigation of a certain event or case and how they should undertake the activities. Thus through the video they will have a lot of knowledge on what they should do and what to avoid. For instance, the video suggests that all lines of communication should be open at all times and ensuring that the other people working in collaboration with you such as the ERT supervisor, the coordinator as well as the team leader knows your current status and location (University of Central Oklahoma 1). In instances that I would be audience, the video would be helpful in a number of ways. For instance, I would stay away from the crime scene at all costs and assist if need be in the investigations if I have some useful information that may aid in the investigations (University of Central Oklahoma 1).

From the video there are a number of things and information that I found useful and this includes open communication, having the necessary supply of the crime scene equipment ready at all times, division of roles, clear documentation as well as giving notification to senior agencies and officers (University of Central Oklahoma 1). At the same time there were things that were not helpful and this includes the narrative description which states that there should be a documentation of the crime scene which would be easier of photograph and video would be taken instead. Another aspect relates to the limitation of taking photos and in respect to these I think may photos should be taken so as to portray each and every detail in the scene (University of Central Oklahoma 1). The other aspects relates to not over documenting the physical evidence. The video also needs to include a section for initial observation to answer questions such as what, who, when, how and where. The video seems to e lacking in that it should indicate the role that the responding officer needs to play.

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