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THS2HME Hallmark Events

Question One: The change that UFO has brought to tourisms in Roswell and its opposition

The establishment of UFO Festival has increased the number of tourists visiting Roswell a small city in New Mexico. The UFO festival entails the visitors wearing of alien themed costumes and wandering in the street. The event draws its meaning from seemingly an alien aircraft crash that crashed in Roswell in the summer of 1947.

The festival has contributed to the establishment of Roswell museum which is a crucial component of drawing tourist and preserving materials for the historic event. The museum was renovated to increase attractiveness and created a website to disseminate information and attract more visitors to UFO festivals since many people use the internet to search for holiday destinations. The preservation of materials provokes the enthusiasm of potential tourism that gets the information and thus making a trip to get first-hand information and relax from their daily route. The alien crash might be a fiction story, but it addresses the potential questions that people ask when choosing places to visit and thus settling for UFO Festival in Roswell. The Roswell City has an exceptional festival that no other place offers for its tourist. The investors/entrepreneurs are known to those people who identify the niche or unsatisfied demand. Therefore, the visit to the festival is crucial since business minded foreigners can spot service or goods that are missing in the market. Also, they can import certain goods and services that they are not available in their market.

The festival receives oppositions from critics who are of the view that the story has very many loopholes for one to believe that the alien story is real. For instance, the primary witness in the story who claimed to be a pilot and physics graduate from GWU does not have a record to prove his attendance and piloting experience. Also, there is another side of the story by Annie Jacobsen, that the crafts were sent to the US by remote controlled devices to scare Americans. Consequently, Frank Kaufam notes that the radar in UFO was not used for surveillance since it was undergoing constant modification and testing. The counter stories place patches to the Alien myth and thus reducing the relevance of the festivals. Also, the establishment of more attractive historical sites and festivals in other parts of the world provides competition. Therefore, reduce the number of tourists since the meaning is lost from counter story and attraction to more appealing places. Despite the opposition surrounding the UFO myth and festival, it is evident that UFO festival plays an imperative role in boosting the Roswell’s tourism and boosting revenue.

Question two: Role of White Night in changing City Image

The White Night event takes place in Melbourne and it includes exhibitions, installations, music, dance, street performances, film screenings and other interactive activities that ‘uplifts’ emotions of the community and tourists. The White Night is a 12hour intensive event and opens for participation to individuals from diverse social backgrounds. Therefore, enhance interaction and exchange of ideas in the process of enjoying a breath from the busy and monotonous schedule of daily routine. The event keeps improving in nature, for instance, increasing participation of foreigners who brings in new ideas from their countries and sharing them with domestic tourist. Also, the event improves the social aspect of the city which is the backbone of the economic and political orientation of the cities that holds the events. The social interaction enables the exchange of economic/business ideas and political features that can improve governance and income generation in the cities that holds White Night event. Also, the event enables the city dwellers to have an event to look forward to and relieve their stress from their normal and low-income earners to get an affordable recreational and a refreshing event. Therefore, results to a healthy and productive city since recreational activities are rated among the best stress relievers in organisations and schools. The events result to increase in revenue collected by the city regarding parking and other services offered. The cities that hold this event uses the revenue to improve service delivery to city dwellers and renovations, for instance, repairing of road, improving security and health care services. The event attracts business tourist who comes to spot business opportunities in the region and thus satisfies the niche in the market and also create a market in their home countries for unique goods and services present in the region. Therefore, collective contribution of tourism attracted by Gold Coast destination has enormous impact in not only shaping the physical presentation of the city but also the livelihood of the city dwellers such as proper health care, security and improved household income due to business opportunities that comes with tourism.

Question three: the Gold Coast repackaging through Bleach Festival

The Gold Coast is situated in Queensland and holds bleach festival that attracts a large number of tourists. The places offer several factors that tourist have in mind before choosing their destinations. The Gold Coast is perceived as a destination for surfing, sand bathing and other sand related events. The bleach festival provides some recreational activities which combine music, art and cutting edge theatres. The Queensland government is a strategic partner of the event since it stands to boost tourism which is a major source of foreign and domestic revenue. The festival is more inclined to shaping the Gold Coast as an art and culture-based destination since it encourages the showcase of arts, music and theatres by the locals. The organisers and Queensland government are of the view that repacking the Gold Coast improves the sustainability of tourism sector in the region since it offers something different that other coastal regions in the world do not offer. Therefore, the uniqueness of the Gold Coast encourages continuous flow and increase the number of tourists visiting Gold Coast. The recent survey shows that 36.2 of the tourist enjoyed music diversity, 15.7% derived their satisfaction by interacting with the local community and the general atmosphere. The artistry was rated third with 12.4% and 6.4% derives their satisfaction from surfing. Therefore, it is evident that the theme of the festival and Gold Coast as a tourist destination is reshaping as an art and culture-based other than surfing and sand-related activities. The reshaping provides a unique market preposition and attract tourist to consume very different package that no other destination offers. The strategy has yielded positive results since Queensland government and organisers of bleach festival has recorded a constant increase in the number of tourists and thus boosting revenue and improve the social fabric of the territory and Gold Coast community. Also, place the community’s culture through music, art, and theatre in a global platform.

Question Four: Ways that Bendigo Art Gallery changed city’s image and encouraged tourism

The Bendigo City is located in Victoria, Australia and known for its auspicious tourist destination. The city is famously known as to have galleries and legacy structures that keep enthusiastic individual to tour the city to find out more and enjoy the tranquillity created by Bendigo galleries and structures. Also, the local wine and food spices visitors’ experience which encourages return tourist and positive recommendation. The uniqueness of the structures and galleries attract a special segment of tourist who is not able to get the same experience in any part of the world. Therefore, the Bendigo Art Gallery provide a sustainable source of income for a stable flow of tourist into the city. The visitors give the local authorities the challenge to improve the image and utility provisions to the city to enhance the experience of the tourist i.e. improving the mode transport, communication and security. The tourism also increases economic activities in the city such as establishments of modern hotels and restaurants. Also, foreign investment increases and thus putting the city on the global platform.

The primary theme of Bendigo Art Gallery is to display fashions i.e. the wedding dresses and female fashion drawn majorly from British culture. The artist draws their imagination from the feedback received from their audience. The art displayed dated more than 130years and diverse in nature. The artist inspiration was drawn from the audience for example mothers were requested to anonymously submit their thoughts for the artist to portray them in a physical form. The attraction sites in different parts of the world are known to have developed into major towns and cities as a result of tourist flow into the region. The tourism is not an independent aspect since it requires support of other infrastructures such as restaurants, hotels, shops and community to guide visitors. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to attribute the change of Bendigo image to the art galleries which draws a great proportion of tourist into the city. The uniqueness increases the world’s attention on Bendigo City and keeps it on toes in developing new and innovative strategies to keep them spotted.