Evaluation of a Website Essay Example


Evaluation of a Website

Evaluation of a Website

The website by the First impressions and Navigation advertises construction materials that include granite bench tops, granite tiles and marble tiles. The easy to access website has an attractive background and graphics that illustrates the quality of the products that the company offers. Upon logging into the website, one notices the images that automatically slide to show the products that the company sells. One is also able to scroll the images in order to see more of the products. Additionally, the images have high resolution that makes them clear and attractive, which consequently convinces the clients that the products under sale are of high standard.

Moreover, the website has a search button that one can use to enter the name of the product that he would like to view without opening the entire website, hence saving time. The user-friendly website further has other buttons that one can click to access the information about the site. In addition, the website contains the company’s contact details that interested clients can use to inquire or request for the delivery of the materials. Besides, there is literature that gives the details of the products that the company advertises. The explanation supplements the pictorial presentation and gives an overview of the products.

Furthermore, the language used in the website is accessible to everyone due to simple words it uses. The language is persuasive as seen through the use of words such as “please” and “welcome.” In the explanations, there are sections that one can further access additional information by clicking the button. For example, one can further seek information about wall tiles, bench tops and tilling services by pointing a cursor to the word and clicking the button. Evidently, the website meets it objective of winning clients through its convincing advertisement.