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Sully Movie

Sully film in an American drama that shows how an experienced pilot makes an emergency landing saving all the 155 passengers on board. All the passengers and the crew survived with minor injuries. The film received positive reviews globally making it one of the most viewed movies. The purpose of the movie is to encourage the viewers that courage and essential thinking is required in emergency situations to save lives (Cass 3). The target audience in the movie is the aircrew including the pilots and staff. Not all those who are courageous to try fail because some try new things and they succeed. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the Sully movie product. Clint Eastwood who is the movie director has successfully portrayed how courage and critical thinking can save lives in an emergency situation.

Strengths and weaknesses of the plot

The Sully movie portrays positive courage in the sense that the pilot faces a stiff situation that looks like a miracle. To start with, the maker of the film starts by introducing the trauma he undergoes to save the plane from crashing. It helps to build an image at the back of the mind of the viewer about the events that took place (Julia 3). The most important thing is that the introduction of the movie leaves the viewer’s thinking that the events are real and they happened. Also, the film has the strength of introducing the viewers about the episodes that took place when the Flight 1549 took off. Moreover, the pilot of the plane says “I’ve had 40 years in the air but in the end, I’m going to be judged the 208 seconds” shows a humble pilot. It shows a silent hero in the movie making the movie interesting.

On the other hand, the plot of the film has weaknesses. The first weakness of the plot is its gripping. At the start, the film does not show the main events taking place because it leaves the audience wondering if these are real facts or fiction. However, at some point the film provides a clear guidance regarding its ending. Furthermore, the film has a weakness of too many surprises leaving the audience wondering the next step that the pilot will take (Julia 2). On the other hand, the pilot acts as a hero who is silent. As a result, the episode is not clearly depicted because the pilot is a hero. For instance, he “I don’t feel like a hero.” It means that the heroic character is not well acted in the film.

Strengths and weaknesses of the dialogue

Clint Eastwood’s ‘Sully’ movie portrays good dialogue throughout the script. The movie is well organized and provides clear dialogue so that the audience can understand the flow of events. The first strength of dialogue in the film is that the scenes connect well to the main character. It implies that the main character is well connected with the problems that led to development of the movie. For instance, the director explains how the plane takes off and only after six minutes it breaks its engines. The pilot is left with no option other than trying to save lives of the people (Tasha 2). Also, the dialogue is strong because it develops issues in direction that create new episodes like breaking of the engines that requires emergency landing. Therefore, there is strong transition from one problem to another scene. Besides, the dialogue in the movie depicts various interesting scenes because it builds the scenes based on the problem identified. As a result, the movie is passionate and emotional as the audience try to create illusion regarding the next step the pilot takes. However, the greatest weakness of the movie is that it creates mixed reactions among the audience. The scenes unfold leaving the audience wondering if the film is real or it is based on fiction. Therefore, the movie from one script to another creates mixed reactions thus not creating a clear picture to the target audience. Also, the movie is terrifying creating a negative picture in the movie. For instance, “Brace! Brace! Brace! Heads down! Stay down!” terrifies the audience and makes the film scaring.

Strengths and weaknesses of acting

Clint Eastwood’s ‘Sully’ movie portrays excellent acting in the entire film. Firstly, the acting is topical, it means that the movie is focused and concentrates on solving the problem of the danger involved. The director provides episodes creating a picture in the minds of the audience regarding the problem to solve which is making an emergence sea landing. On the other hand, the actors make the movie more interesting because they do not exaggerate the episodes in the movie. Timeliness is the other strength of the movie. Every event is timely (Tasha 2). For instance, the plane takes only six minutes after taking off that it breaks its engines. Also, the duration in which the movie was acted is given thus creating a clear picture in the minds of the audience. However, the biggest weakness of the film is that it does not engage real facts such as terrifying scenes. The entire episode is terrifying thus the actors must be realistic and try to make scenes realistic.

Strengths and weaknesses of visual effects

Clint Eastwood also portrays visual facts in the movie. Firstly, the movie indicates how the plane is taking off creating a good image regarding the film. It is an important concept that contributes to better understating and making the movie interesting. Also, the visual facts in the movie are terrifying to the target audience but indicate the problem the pilot seeks to solve (Julia 2). Moreover, the other visual effect in the movie is the ability to indicate the pilot in the imaginary plane. It creates an image in the eyes of the audience and they understand the difference with other movies. At the start of the first episode, the audience is introduced to the plan as it takes off. The scene helps to inform the audience how the engines of the plane started successfully. As a result, it convinces that at the time of take off the plane was in good condition. However, the weakness of the movie regarding the visual facts is that it is not possible to act exactly as the episodes unfolded because of the risks involved. For instance, the film cannot use the planes as it crashed in the movie. Also, the pilot made an emergency landing after birds flew into and out of the engines of the plane. In this regard, the movie is not able to indicate this in the episodes.


Clint Eastwood’s ‘Sully’ movie portrays the silent hero and thematic episodes regarding the episodes that took place. The movie is all about a pilot making an emergency landing in the sea because of the engine failures shortly after the takeoff. The film is well organized regarding the plot since the episodes unfold gradually leading to other scenes. Also, the dialogue is well organized in the movie as well as the visual effects.


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