Ethics 3 Essay Example

Table of Contents

Vision & Opportunity 2

Marketing & Implementation Strategy 2

Risk & Mitigation 3

Vision & Opportunity

The goals which I want to achieve are

  • To open the biggest restaurant in UAE

  • To work in the service industry and aim towards maximum customer satisfaction

  • To have a specialize restaurant serving different variety of cuisines

The three objectives are very close to each other. I look towards the above mentioned objectives because I have specialized knowledge in it and can bring the required change in the service industry. The three questions which will act as a corner stone are

  • The manner in which the customer satisfaction level was enhanced through the service?

  • The degree to which innovation and change has been made in the restaurant industry?

  • To identify the needs of customers and employees and make changes so that service standard can be improved?

The above objectives can be achieved because

  • I work in a restaurant which has provided knowledge and experience about the industry

  • There is a need of a specialized restaurant in UAE

  • I have undertaken a course which supports the same field and would help me to deliver better results

Marketing & Implementation Strategy

The positioning statement which the restaurant will look at is at being different from other restaurant as it will look to provide different type of cuisines from different countries. The statement will be aimed towards all which will include customers, employees and the world at large

The restaurant will provide special value to its customers and employees as it will look at ensuring high standards in service delivery standard. Further, based on the different needs training will be provided to the employee so that better services can be rendered.

The service will be different from other restaurant as it will be the biggest restaurant in UAE. The restaurant will provide different cuisines to customers which will be selected from different countries so that every customer has an opportunity to eat something different.

Risk & Mitigation

To measure the manner in which the business has grown a continuous check will be done regarding the increase in customer. In addition to it international standard will be identified and services will be delivered based on it.

The business will be affected by external factors some of which are

  • Purchasing power of people will determine whether they will spend on restaurant or not

  • Availability of fresh products so that it can be provided to the customers

In case any difference arises appropriate step will be taken at the same time. The business if found to be non profitable will look to convert into traditional business so that more and more people can be attracted.

The business will look at being ethical and would look at ensuring that products served are fresh and procured fresh from the market. In addition to it the different oil and stuff which will be used will be of the best quality. Regular checks will be done to ensure that all the products supplied are fresh.

Different parameters and standards will be set for each area and results will be matched. This will help to evaluate the situation and would provide an opportunity to make changes at the correct time.