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Ethical and Cultural Issues

Ethical Issues Faced In the Situation

Ethical issues are issues in the society that hinders the residents from enjoying their life fully. In the society there are several ethical issues that make people suffer either directly or indirectly, they range from heath, education, security, pollution to marriage. Basing on the case several ethical issues are evident. Complains made with regard to late night gatherings and music played at very loud volume within the neighborhood of the smith’s family is unethical. Basically, every individual has the right of enjoying his or her freedom but not at the expense of other people’s freedom. This implies that making a lot of noise while other people are sleeping is not ethical. Legal actions should be taken on such an individual for noise pollution (Howie, 1995).

On the other hand, the house of smith is under suspicion of drug trafficking. This implies that the late night gatherings are doing drugs and this can result into robbery, violence and theft cases. This is unethical in the society as it lowers the dignity of many people and it also fuels the rate of committing crimes in the society especially by youths and other people who are unemployed. The person who is responsible for this must be arrested and jailed trafficking drugs. The health state of the children is wanting; they are poorly dressed and uncared for (Howie, 1995). Heath is a critical issue in the society and a lot of emphasis should be put on it especially when it comes to children. It is unethical for parents to leave their children with running nose, unkempt and barefooted. These parents should be advised on the importance of taking good care of their children.

Marriage is considered an institution that is supposed to bring people together and raise their children happily; however the contrary happened with regard to Harry and Rena. Harry was believed to be very rough to both his wife and children instead to being warm and friendly, this is unethical as far as the expectation of a marriage is concerned. The teacher of the older boy claims that the boy attends school on an irregular basis because of his heath status. Education is a key factor to every individual and paramount to the development of the entire society. Aspects that might hinder a student from accessing education should be eradicated by all means (Howie, 1995). It is unethical if a student will not be in a position of attending to classes because his or her parents have ignored negative factors that hinder the student from going to school. Parents should be sensitized about the importance of education to their children and the society in general.

Cultural Issues

Marriage usually brings different people together with diverse cultures however, it is of greater significance if all parties involved would dearly accept and appreciate each other’s cultural background. According to the case, Harry is completely not interested in the culture of Rena and he has also been not happy as a black staying in New Zealand because of the job he landed was not paying off well. On the other hand their children are isolated from their wider family but according to cultural, norms they should be staying closer to each other, this is according to the Institute of Social Studies, calcutta, india, (1970).

How to Support Rena and Her Family

Rena and her family are undergoing very difficult and critical situation however they can easily overcome this situation. They need to be advised on the importance of education and health-care to their children and the entire community. They should also be guided on how to avoid causing conflict between them and their neighbors for instance by avoiding p[laying too loud music while people are a sleep.


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