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Marketing 5


The recent trending topic in online marketing is the increase in social media marketing. This has therefore influence most companies to engage themselves in various social media channels. Glynn and David (2010) shows if well planned it can be one of the cheapest and effective mode of online marketing and promotion of organizational products but if not well planned it can get a company into a disaster. The reason why companies need to turn around social media is due to certain reasons which include company profile, its products, customers etc. Social media marketing involves a practice where organizations follow to connect with their target markets. It is an integrated marketing communications that coordinates various promotional elements such as advertising, personal selling, publicity, sales promotion and direct marketing. The above study shows the effectiveness of social media marketing as compared to the traditional media types.

According to Alicia (2011) the growth of social media has a great impact in the way organizations communicate to its customers especially with the emergence of Web 2.0 which is a tool that allows people and organizations to build social and business connections. This increased communication fosters brand awareness and improves customer service. Social media is a platform that is easily accessible to any person who has access to internet for example with emergence of channels such as Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and blogs. These sites promote products on an individual level and the uses of products are explained in short messages where the messages have a link to the product’s websites. This link gives followers an opportunity to spend more time therefore offering advertising opportunities for example the integration of Sporting News website increased visits by over 500 percent (Alicia 2011).

Social media benefits companies and people through the provision of channels that support customer as they act as a means to gain a competitive insight, recruitment, retention on new customers and it is also a method of building reputation online. Day by day the importance of social media marketing increase in all companies and the five major important reasons include: Branding wheremost companies use social media channels in order to increase their goodwill and trustworthiness therefore resulting to better branding. Conversations with customers through social channels create a great amount of credibility among a company’s customers unlike in the traditional media types such as television where customers lack trustworthiness of the company (Glynn and David 2010).

Lead generation is the other reason why most companies use social media in marketing. Lead generation is important as it helps a company in targeting strategies and enables it to decide the relevant lead generation therefore improving company’s success. Dheeraj (2010) arguessocial media allows companies to easily engage with its clients as this is important as it helps to retain the existing customers and increase brand credibility. Customers are able to communicate with companies and express their opinions about certain brands therefore enabling companies to provide products according to the needs of their clients and according to their requirements.

It also generates relevant trafficasthe sole purpose of all online marketing campaigns in for traffic generation. Dheeraj (2010) describes that social media sites are necessary as they generate relevant and quality traffic to the websites. Customers are therefore able to engage much easier and receive feedback about the company.Finally the adoption of new products and servicescreates awareness about an existing product or service in the market. This is the cheapest and better method of informing target audience about the trends in the market therefore enhancing company’s products and improving return on investment unlike in the traditional methods of advertising. Glynn and David (2010) explain thatone major event that was influenced by the social media is the 2008 presidential campaign where Democratic candidate, Barrack Obama was so much visible in Twitter and Facebook sites. His profile page was frequently being updated and he was able to interact with his followers as he asked for votes and this gave followers insight and it also builds trustworthiness and loyalty.


Social media is therefore the hottest media format in the market as its effectiveness is much better due to the use of Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and Blogs. As compared to the traditional media types such as television, newspapers and radio, social media emerges the best mode of communication about company’s products. This is because social media is more advanced and with the recent growth of internet users, it able to reach more target customers through networking sites.


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