Establish effective workplace relationships Essay Example

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Assessment 1

3. Spoken language might not be a proper form of communication as expression of the different aspect of product might be difficult. It is imperative that while looking to communicate the things have to be properly expressed. This will require choosing a medium which will help to ensure clarity. Using a form of communication which doesn’t provide the required return which the business is looking for might have an impact on the overall long term productivity and will have an impact on the growth potential of the organization. This requires choosing a method which will ensure proper communication and understanding so that both the parties involved in the transaction are able to understand the things clearly and based on it develop the required fundamentals which will help in long term growth and performance.

7. Treating both internal and external customers with integrity, respect and empathy means that the organization has to ensure that customers are employees are treated fairly. This would mean that both the customers and employees should get what they deserve and there shouldn’t be any discrepancy or acts which will have an impact on the brand image of the company. Treating both the employees and the customers with respect and empathy would mean that the organization is able to carry out the different functions effectively and without any problems. This will ensure that the long term vision of the organization is looked at and will help to develop the required fundamentals through which the organization will be able to work effectively and achieve the long term goals by having both loyal customers and employees.

8. A situation where I was not treated with the respect which I deserve was during one event when I had entered the stage with a guest who was the main guest. The guest was given a center stage but I was given one corner. This was matched by the fact that people also misbehaved with me and didn’t consider me as one of the person with the required respect which I should get.

I felt bad about the situation and was hurt as my contribution was not recognized and the facilitator instead of treating all people equally treated based on differences. This created a feeling of guilt and I felt like proving myself so that people start to respect me and I was looking towards working and developing my own brand name and image so that people respect me and ensure that I was given the same respect.

9. Using social, ethical and business standards ensure that the organization is able to work on the high standards and code which is developed. This helps to ensure that the efforts are directed in the correct direction and the business will be able to gain effectiveness in carrying out the different functions. Developing and maintaining a social and ethical code further helps to match and compare the performance so that timely actions can be taken and different developments can be made in different directions which will help to achieve the best possible result. This will ensure that the overall style of working improves and the organization will be able to achieve the different objectives which have been determined to be achieved over a period of time.

10. It is important that positive relationship is developed between the employees, customers, organization, management and other people related to the business as the long term success depends on the manner the business is able to believe each other. Having distrust will lead towards suspicion and will make people doubt about the authenticity of the different offerings. This will also have an impact on the long term performance as it will lead towards a situation where the business brand image will be impacted as the organization won’t be able to develop the required dimensions which will help to provide positive results. This will also have an impact on the loyal customers as the inability of the organization to build long term relationship will have an impact which will be felt in the future and the business will find to develop opportunities through which the performance and the overall growth of the business can be ascertained.

13. To ensure that people within an organization act according to the organizational standard it is important that the top management takes steps to ensure that people look towards being morally correct. I would look towards setting example by ensuring that I act correctly in most situation and the decisions taken by me are according to the values which I have inculcated. I would further aim at ensuring that the decisions or my behavior are according to the moral standards and the overall performance gets enhanced by the decisions which I have taken. I would further look towards following the moral code of conduct which have been developed and would look towards acting fairly and look towards the decisions which are according to my moral values. This will also help to motivate myself and will help to transform the overall style through which I work and will ensure that I am able to gain effectiveness in performing at all levels.

17. It is important that while looking to resolve conflicts other people are involved as it will help to improve the overall value of the decision which is taken. Involving different person will ensure that the problem can be looked from different angles and will ensure that the preconceived notion which I have about the issue doesn’t influence my decision. Further, having other people involved in the decision making will ensure that the overall process will gain effectiveness as consultation and brainstorming will help to develop new ideas which will help to resolve the issues better which might not have been possible for an individual. The overall process will thereby gain effectiveness as it will help to bring the required transformation and help in the overall development. This will reduce the chances of errors and will ensure that the decisions which are taken are correct.