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Establish and maintain effective networks

The organization can use the internet and newsletter reports to gather information and compare different agencies to identify a relevant agency suitable for Michael.

Information gathered can be stored in CDs, flash Disks or files for future reference (Saltzman 2012).

Community service directories provide information on different organizations within the community to the community members and other people in need of those services.

The worker should know of Cory’s emotional status and reasons for Cory’s behavior in order to find the most effective way of advising Cory.

The worker will have an idea on how to handle and advice Cory basing on the current problem facing Corry.

A positive image of the organization gives the agency an opportunity to attract more donors and support that is vital in sustaining the organization’s community projects.

Presenting to a wider audience group enables an organization diversify its mission and goals to people who may be interested in supporting the organizations activities (Wadud 2013).

Clients having complaints should be handled respectfully in order to solve organizational problems discreetly without embarrassing the organization. It also helps in readjusting unjust activities within the organization.

Networking is the ability to influence and shape other people’s opinions. Formal networks have an organizational culture attached to the organization, which do not exist in informal networks (Clement, 2009). Networking helps people gain access to resources easily and accomplish missions.

An agency may ask for information from another organization in order to improve its services. Anyone seeking for a client’s information must produce credentials that permit the person to get access to the client’s information.

Understanding cultural diversity of an organization determines how a patient will be treated (Burri, 2010). Therefore, research needs to be done to avoid maltreatment of a client.

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