Essence Creation Journal

Gem Essence

Creation Process

When creating a gem essence it is important that one looks into the properties that one wants from the gem. In the essence that has been created, the solution aims at helping with female troubles along with the fact that life is hectic and there are many difficulties that are being faced. The stone that will help in preparation of the solution for this would be bloodstone and carnelian, and this is the gem that will be used to create the essence. The process will require the gems, sea salt, spring water, clear glass bowl, small amber bottles and clear alcohol. The bloodstone and carnelian have to be covered with the sea salt and be put in the glass bowl to cover it energetically, and then throw away the salt and clean the blood stone and carnelian under running water to ensure that they are clean. Once the auras of the gems are clean, place them in the bowl which is filled with spring water and place it in the sun for two hours. This allows the healing qualities of the stones to be absorbed in the water. Then fill up amber bottles with water, ensuring that only 3/4th of the bottle is filled with the water, and the rest is filled with alcohol. The quality of alcohol has to be high to ensure that the essence lasts longer.

Essence Rationale

This is a fast paced world where the life exerts hectic pressures on a person; be the pressures work related, personal life related, self related or society related. An essence made of bloodstone helps the person recuperate from this, and helps the person reconnect with him or herself to rediscover the true meaning of life. While this essence helps elevate the soulful meaning of one’s life, the carnelian helps motivate and initiate transformation in a person.

Ease of Creation

The creation of the essence was simple enough, once that the essence combination was arrived at, it turned out that the cleaning of the aura of the stones was a significant part of the process. There was also a bit of careful part in order for the essence to yield the optimum results.

Result from Use

The use of the essence helped in the development of a more confident and positive attitude and helped in self realisation. It was not a sudden transformation, but after a week or two of using the essence I felt lighter and more positive in my space. I also felt more confident and got rid of malaise that I encountered usually in my day-to-day life.

Relevance of Practice

The practice of the gem essence is highly relevant, although it has not been developed on large scales. When the power of essence is analyzed on a vibration level, it produces a specific pattern to the body. The body then either matches or mismatches it. If it matches — that is to say the person already has perfected emotional states, then no change will occur; only a strengthening of what is already there. However if a mismatch occurs, the body attempts to match the pattern by pulling its own vibration field in order to match that of the essence, thus creating an energy shift or alignment towards more perfected emotional states.

Flower Essence

Creation of essence

As has been specified in the section above, the creation of an essence is mainly a result of the interaction of different elements. To create the flower essence it is important that the flower is picked from the garden in the sunlight and then it is soaked in spring water in a bowl glass and placed in the sun for two hours, where the properties transfuse into the spring water. Then fill amber bottles with water, ensuring that only 3/4th of the bottle is filled with the water, and the rest is filled with alcohol. The quality of alcohol has to be extremely good to ensure that the essence lasts longer. In the combination that was created, maidenhair fern, baeometra, bell gardenia, cucumber, peach, wild garlic, chestnut flowers and leaves were used to create the essence. They were all placed in the glass bowl and left under direct sunlight, following which the water was bottled and the alcohol was added for preservation.

Essence Rationale

The combination of the various flowers and plants helps in creation of a balance that soothes the turmoil that is faced in the first trimester of pregnancy while also helping in ensuring that the development of the child is healthy and the mother feels stable and is able to understand the changes that are taking place both spiritually and physically.

Ease of Creation

It is difficult to get all the ingredients in the garden at the same time, as they all grow in different seasons, but if one has a green house then it can solve the problem to some extent. Otherwise one can get the ingredients from the market. Also it is difficult for a balance to be reached between the various elements and one has to be careful about the amount that one uses of each to ensure that a perfect balance is reached.

Result from Use

The physical effects of the essence is that it helps with the morning sickness that is experienced with the first trimester by an expectant mother and helps her achieve stability and tranquillity that is positive for the growth of the child. Also it helps the mother feel more at peace spiritually and accept the transformation that is occurring in her life. Thus, it is has an important and stabilising effect on the mother and the growth of the child.

Relevance for Practice

Flower essence as a technique has been used for centuries in many countries and regions in the world, and it is believed that the harmony of the various elements helps in restoring any of the imbalances that a person might be going through on account of some untoward circumstances. Also it is healthy and a natural way of gaining stability. Flower essence is significant as it allows for greater amount of conscious development in a person, and it helps in ensuring that the aura and the energy of the person is rendered pure and balanced.