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Is marketing through Facebook effective?

All organizations should use Facebook as a major marketing platform for marketing products..

Marketing through Facebook affects various parties such as marketers of products and services, Facebook users and people with Facebook accounts. The topic of marketing through Facebook is timely because this form of marketing is trending and continuously being used to market products and services replacing field marketing where people have to walk and market personally. It is also a controversial topic because the initial use of Facebook was to enable social interactions between people and not for business purposes. Some people oppose the use of Facebook in marketing stating the following reasons: lack of professionalism in marketing
social media platforms were made to facilitate basic sharing of information and not conducting business activities. Professional reputation is eroded when products are marketed through Facebook (King, Kenneth, Martin and Fransman, 1984). There has been emergence of non-genuine marketers who market products that are not authentic or don’t exist because one cannot see or touch the products physically in person. Marketing through Facebook also has led to spamming where there is no control of the marketing level. Marketers post their products and services continuously without control not allowing for any other activities to be done in the Facebook pages.In order to investigate the effect of technology effectively research should be done by comparing the views of the people affected by technology and surveying the face book pages where advertisements are used to market products. The research information sourced from business articles, the internet and interviewing various marketing people from organizations. Google can be used through searching for key terms such as technology and Facebook marketing.


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