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Social Media Bullying

Question 1

Social media use is very common among teenagers and so is cyber bullying. Statistics show that cyber bullying is a serious problem among teens, which affects them on a daily basis (Lenhart et al. 2011). Most times, teens who are bullied online do not share their experience with their parents or teachers, and the bullying may continue for an extended period, which often leads to disastrous outcomes.

Question 2

Most parents look for physical signs of bullying on their children such as bruises yet most of kids and teens experience social media bullying which is hard to detect and is linked to an increase in the number of suicide incidents among the lot.

Question 3

Nearly all children and teens experience bullying due to their race, gender, sexual orientation, low self-esteem, and lack of assertiveness among other reasons. Disabled kids may also be bullied because they may seem an easy target and unable to defend themselves. It is important to note that bullying does not only happen at school but also online where children may receive mean text messages, or their embarrassing pictures posted on social media.

Question 4

Without any doubt, bullying is a major problem in the United States. A survey conducted by Pew Research in 2011 revealed that 80% of teens who use social media experience online cruelty (Lenhart et al. 2011). An increasing number of suicide rates among teens has been linked to social media bullying, thus there is need to raise awareness about the problem.

Question 5

Some people perceive bullying as a normal behavior that kids need to toughen up so that they can face the world. Asthana argues that bullying is often exaggerated and children must learn to cope with name-calling and harassment for them to develop resilience (n.p.).

Question 6

The research will analyze literature review that comprises of work of authors and scholars in the subject matter. It will rely on journal articles and previous studies conducted by researchers and organizations on bullying at U.S. schools. I will use Google Scholar, Google Books, and Google search engines to find the sources. Keywords that will be utilized include bullying, cyber bullying, and online bullying.

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