Environmental Agency Response Essay Example

Environmental Agency 2

As an environmental agency, the targets set by the remuneration committee are a good indication of the commitment to meet the desired reduction of environmental issues. The inclusion of the non-financial requirements to the remunerations is a good indicator of commitment to mitigate environmental demands. The agency is however concerned with several aspects of the process that may compromise the positive step (Brown 2002). The influence of the CEO over the government should not result in favour of BHP over other companies as this will result in the failure of the collective effort to stem environmental hazards. The agency proposes that the CEO should take responsibility for any environmental hazard that the company causes and this should also be equally considered in the proposal as set by the committee. This will help in showing the commitment of the CEO and the company over the issue (Idowu 2009).

Community incidences such as injuries caused by the wastes of the company should also be highlighted as part of the plan. The toxic wastes materials such as materials left after the metal in extracted from the ore has potential negative effects on the environmental and thus the company should ensure that its waste disposal management should be aligned with the company’s objectives and also realigned to ensure its efficiency (Hoque 2006). BHP should also ensure its commitment to environmental protection by dispatching the $300 million amount it promised to the process (Botin 2009). Failure to fulfil its promise also implies that the media’s perception that the non-financial provision is politicised could be true.

The environmental agency also views that the combined efforts among all the mining companies should be enhanced in order to avoid short-changing other companies when in the carbon tax implementation process (Bass 2003). According to Jia (2009) the collaboration of the mining companies and the community should be enhanced for the benefits of the community and the company as a whole. Collaboration will reduce the cost incurred by the company as well as decreasing the risks faced by the community. As an agency, it will be appropriate for the BHP to fully answer any pending issue which resulted in the death of 11 workers in 2008, 7 workers in 2009 and 5 in 2010. There seems to be some kind of tolerance to the fatalities that affects the BHP. BHP should fully answer the rationale behind the incidences and what measures have been taken by the company to ensure that such cases are not experienced again (Richards 1998).

The agency will also like the following aspects of environmental protection incorporated into the objectives of the BHP. Incorporation of environmental protection measures to the missions and the visions of the company, a clear and defined target of environmental protection taken by the company through its CEO (Richards 1998). A Scientific study of the possible implications of the wastes such as ore on the environment and institute a five year mitigation plan that the company should use (Leal 2003). BHP should collaborate with other environmental protection agencies such as the United Nations in order to join efforts on environment protection (United Nations 2008). As stated by McMahon (1999) the commitment