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Article Title: Carbon Cache

Source: The Nature Conservancy Magazine

Author: Ginger Strand

Date of Article: October 23rd 2016

Link to article: http://www.nature.org/magazine/archives/carbon-cache.xml

Section one

The article addresses strategies environmentalist have used in California to combat climate change. In such connectedness, the article is solely addressing the Yurok community and innovations they have developed to ensure reduction of the amount of carbon in addition to preserving large swaths of forest located in northern California. On the same note, the article connects Yurok’s activities on salmon habitat to climate change by highlighting activities that are taking place at Klamath River. In order to establish the progress the community has taken in addressing climate change, the article introduces California’s Global Warming Solutions Act and how the Act has been adopted in ratcheting down carbon emissions through cap-and-trade system.

Section two

Basically, the effort made by the Yurok community is likely to bear positive outcome. For instance, preservation of the great River Klamath is a step towards realization of carbon emission reduction and California global warming challenges. It is therefore essential for the general public to be aware of the situation as the amount of carbon and condition of River Klamath is not in accordance with the provisions of California’s Global Warming Solutions Act. There has been threat to life of ecosystem especially those in Klamath River. For the reduction of carbon and conservation of Klamath River, emphasis has to be put on California’s Global Warming Solutions Act. On the other hand, activities undertaken by the community around Klamath River and in particular, the Yurok, is encouraging as they show that one does not need state or government allocated resources to deal with climate change. Consequently, the activities change perception and opinion because one needs not to be pushed by laws and regulations to act on something that benefits future generation. Based on such insights, the article is recommended for other readers as it provides guidelines on basic environmental conservations.