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Question 1.

Honest appraisal of the present culture will yield a desired state for development. This could be reinforced through support and reward for much loved behaviours and results. Transformational and renaissance leadership styles could be vital in this scenario in supporting decision making processes (Grieves, 2010). Any future decision making on progress should focus on present market situation and future projections. has become part and parcel for many organizations in present times in their day-to-day activities. As working environment and practices change and circumstances evolve, firms are forced to review their operations to remain vibrant and maintain their competitive edge. Majority of firms have drawn their attention in overcoming barriers to change because of consistently gains seized from. apid growth and overcoming obstacles in an entrepreneurial environment Managing r

Induction process

increases the new employee’s motivation, sets the right tone from the start in terms of what is expected, creates a pleasant working atmosphere, and ensures that the new worker settles into your company as quickly as possible. This process will also help new employees to be familiar with the business requirements hence everything will run smoothly within the business environment and by doing so the business will be able to achieve its long term goals and set targets. Human resource within any given business enterprise should ensure the employees are put on a good induction process


Within any business environment with rapid growth there should be a systematic approach of training and allowing the stakeholders to go for further studies in relation to the management of the enterprises. There must be a systematic monitoring training requirement; which should be based on;

  • Strategic changes

  • Recruitment and allocating employees duties

  • Problems and sticking points

  • Requests from employees

  • When is training necessary?

  • Preparing training courses properly?

  • Increasing of training benefits.


Any given business and entrepreneur environment requires good communication and conducive working atmosphere. Human resource managers with this quality will always ensure the employees are managed well hence, they will execute the day to day activities of the firm diligently hence enhancing continuity of the enterprise.

Question 2

2. Identify and describe significant sources of events, information and assistance for Australian entrepreneurs over the last fifty years.

In most cases entrepreneurs are termed as dreamers whom does, entrepreneurs tend to be action oriented, they willing to do anything possible in order to accomplish their targets and goals, most of them do combine visions and actions. There have been events and sources of information than have been seen within Australia over the last fifty years;

Entrepreneurship: Corporate INTRA-preneurs.

This organization has helped entrepreneurs through innovations and has the following features, has led to Commitment from senior management, Flexible organization design, Autonomy of the venture team, Competent/Talented people with entrepreneurial attitudes, Incentives and rewards for risk taking, Appropriately designed control system. For this kind of reward even to proceed successful and enhance long term benefits within Australia the top management have to allow it to flourish in the day-to-day operations of the business also called This is known as “skunkworks” Skunkworks = Islands of entrepreneurial activity within an organization (Reynolds, 2009) There has also been Innovations whereby the Government of the day has encouraged actions and use of informal meetings in relation to different kinds of innovative measures within Australian Market.

There has also been this event of going global, in this case, the event has involved expanding from local markets to the entire world hence linking to the entire global markets hence this process has been of rewarding to all the entrepreneurs within Austral as they can sell their products and compete within a wide range of economies. Legal Structures of Businesses within Australia for the past 50 years have been made favourable to the business men and people willing to operate enterprises hence creating conducive business environments for business operations. The innovation strategy has also let to rewarding and promoting people behind innovation hence encouraging more innovations within Australia business industries. A good example of a successful entrepreneur is Dick Smith, Dick has as a successful entrepreneur has helped the economy in various ways for instance, he has been able to employee various employees within his business premises.Dick Smith enterprises has led to connection within the global markets hence linking the locals and the international community and with this the locals are able to enjoy the profits that are repatriated within Australia. The global connection has also led to Dick Smith’s enterprises.

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