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Growth of English Wine

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Growth of English Wine

Produced since the Roman Conquest, wine making today has become more than a hobby as companies are always strategizing on how to increase their market shares thus profit margins. During the last decade, however, the attainment of several global awards has caused the recognition of the English wine internationally. Produced mostly in the South as well as South East of England, there has been a robust growth of English wine in the last decade due to the rising interest both domestically and internationally. Moreover, the success in the growth of English wine has been underpinned by the average warmer weather that has been experienced over the last ten years. The warmer than average weather in the south of U.K has enabled the production of improved grape yield thus quality wine. Consequently, the English winemakers have produced sparkling wines thus beating their rivals in the continent and globally. The most recognizable types of English wine include Denbies, Hush Health Camel Valley and Ridgeview Estate.

Notably, the number of grape vineyards in the U.K has increased from 321 in 2005 to 470 vineyards today, with an acreage of 4600, up from 2000 a decade ago. According to IBIS world (2014), a renowned research company, the export of English wine has increased from £4.2 billion in 2005 to £ 5.1 billion in 2014. This increase has been resulted by the rising demand for quality food and wine globally. Further statistics indicates the number of wine producers in the U.K has risen by 50% (Gov.uk, 2014). Currently, there are 135 wine producers registered with HM Revenue and Customs; this represents a 12% increase over the last decade in the rapidly growing market (Gov.uk, 2014). The ongoing growth in sales as well as well volume in English wine is forecast to increase to approximately £100m this year. Statistics from the English Wine Producers indicates that the 33% growth in the making and selling of English Wine is due to the production of sparkling wine. Ultimately, the English Wine Producers posit that if the growth rate of English wine is maintained, the industry could record sales worth £142 million in 2016.


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