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English Essay : what is online safety and why it is important?

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Online Safety 4

Online Safety


Online safety is the knowhow of increasing the personal safety of an internet user. It aims at increasing security to private property and information when using the internet (Csonka, 2000). Online safety has become an issue of concern due to the increased exposure to inappropriate material, financial risks and harassment mostly on children and teenagers. This essay will analyze online safety and its importance to internet users.

Online Safety

As internet usage increases among individuals today, users are prone to risks of getting materials related sexual, violent or hateful in nature. These can affect the users negatively in the way they think and erode moral values among the users especially children and teenagers. Access to these materials through the internet can encourage the users in dangerous or even illegal activities such as the use of drugs in the society (Csonka, 2000). To do away with the risk, sites containing sexual, nudity or violent materials can filtered out, especially in computers used by children as well as teenagers.

Internet users can also do something with a financial or legal consequence as they use the internet. Things such as giving credit card number to hackers or other users can lead to financial loss to a user. When using the internet, one can do something that violates another user’s rights (Richet, 2013). To avoid this, users are supposed to keep their personal information as a secret and use good language when communicating with other internet users.

Internet usage can also bring about physical harassment to users. While online, one can use E-mail or other communication platforms to finally arrange for a face to face meeting (Moore, 2013). Out of naivety, the internet user can be physically molested or even tortured. Additionally, internet users are supposed to take care of malware which can be disguised as genuine software. These can be used to collect and send private information of internet users to other people with negative intentions like hackers (Moore, 2013). Users are advised to be very observant when acquiring software to make sure they are genuine to prevent losses.

Richet (2013) says that internet users are also supposed to be aware of online predictors whose intentions can be to engage underage individuals into sexual relationships using the internet as a channel. This can be done using chat rooms or even internet forums and users need to be very keen on the people they hang out with on the internet. To prevent these risks, individual identity and matters relating to personal property should be treated with confidentiality while using the internet (Richet, 2013).


In conclusion, it is evident that the world has become a global village due to the internet. Internet users are supposed to know that not all internet users have good intentions. Some use the internet for their personal gains with the expense of others. A variety of risks are there as people use the internet in their daily activities and they are supposed to take care as to who else is on the internet. Personal information relating to identity and property should be kept as a secret in the websites so as to prevent any loss regarding an internet user or hacking of their important accounts.


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