Employability Reflection


Employability Reflection

The Ability to Communicate Effectively, Both Verbally and In Writing, With Staff At All Levels

I have greatly developed my ability to communicate proficiently with other employees. Over the years, I have shown my communication ability in both verbal and through writing. While on my industry placement at IFS engineering company, it was my role to prepare organization’s agendas, prepare and keep minutes, conduct brainstorming sessions and compile and issue post-meeting reports. These roles bestowed upon me demanded strong diplomacy and the ability to communicate effectively the common goals to a diverse group. Again in the same company, it was my role to liaise with company clients to construct sound marketing plans and create customer portfolio by delivering services. My primary intention was to create a large customer base and ensure that the company was successful in its operation. My strength in verbal and written communication directly led to the creation of a more stable customer base and enabled me to work adequately with a dynamic and large team. I leant that good communication is important for individuals to be successful in their operations.

Additionally, from my studies in the university, I developed my good verbally and written communication skills. This unit has educated me on the benefits of good communication and has equipped me with necessary skills to communicate effectively. From the unit, I realised that for me to develop and demonstrate the hallmarks of proper and sound communication, I need to listen carefully, speak confidently and calmly. In addition, it is imperative to engage with the correspondent, asking questions and making eye contacts. Additionally I have developed these skills outside my coursework. Being a student leader in the institution, I had to elaborate uphold good and strong communication skills in order to converse effectively with students. I used to convey information from the top management to students. I therefore, acted as a link between the students and the management.

Ability to Work Effectively Both Independently and As Part of A Team

I have been part of a team for some time during my industry placement and understood the significance of working in teams. Being a team member, I am always mindful of my role in the group and the role of other group members to ensure the success of projects. I have been part of the problem -solving team that was charged with the role helping the organization to formulate sound actions plans. I enjoyed working in teams to brainstorm various ideas. In IFS engineering company, I participated twice a week on service meetings. I provided various suggestions that later led to the success of various assignments. In the company’s recent campaign, I recommended the title while the other members contributed several ideas in areas such as promotion and program. Effective teamwork led to the success of the project. Additionally, I worked independently in preparing organization reports and keeping records. The experience I obtained from the placement was great and can help me work in various engineering industries.

Additionally, I developed my ability to work independently and part of the team during my study in the university. We formed groups to tackle difficult assignments. I actively took part in such groups and contributed immensely towards the success of the groups. The groups helped us complete our assignments on time and score correct grades. We worked in groups with community members to help institute community development programmes. We empowered members of the public and took part in conservation of the environment. Teamwork proved successful since it enabled us to successfully execute our plans. Additionally, I also worked independently when undertaking my class assignments. I extended my teamwork ability outside my course to the society.

Demonstrated Problem Solving Skills Including the Ability to Translate Research and Investigations

During my industry placement, I recognised my ability to solve problems and translate investigations and research. From the industry, I learnt that utilizing established techniques and tools helps in improving individuals approach to solving problems faced by the organization. Using such tools and techniques makes one to be more successful in solving problems and successful in all that they do. Kallet (2014) points out that problem solving ability helps an individual to build a reputation as one who is capable of managing tough situations in positive and wise manner. During the placement, I was involved in the problem — solving process for the organization. When the organization was constantly making losses in its operations, we formed a group to investigate the matter and come up with a sound solution to the problem. The research and investigation indicated that the organization’s customer base was declining. We created positive techniques of maintaining our customers.

During my study in the university, I developed the problem solving ability by helping other students overcome their life challenges. Being a student leader, I solved several problems affecting students. Consequently, I used my problem — solving techniques to solve challenges within the learning environment. I have also used problem resolving skills outside my coursework. For instance, in an attempt to reduce air pollution to the environment, I recommended the adoption of 3 Rs of waste management which is to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. The technique helped in the reduction of environmental pollution.


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