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Speech is an integral aspect that is often used to draw the audience to what one is saying if properly utilized. When focussing on speech its delivery and content are the most crucial aspects that are considered the speaker. In our analysis, the emphasis is on President Barack Obama’s, ‘’Yes we can campaign’’, speech. The speech moved many people both the critics and his supporters to join him in his campaign for the presidency (Eidenmuller, 2001). The elements of speech that I would plan to use from his speech are discussed below in detail.

The use of rhetorical devices is vital in every single presentation. The president used contrast to exemplify the differences between the various parties and the one aspect that unites them as one. Additionally, the use of anaphora in a speech involves the repetition of a word or phrase in the same area successively. Also, Obama often used metaphors in his speech to bring out ideas in a way that the public could easily picture it in their minds (Edgar, 2013).

The use of stories and humour in presenting to an audience tends to reduce its seriousness. Also, it eliminates the boredom that is common in speeches (Habermas, 2015). Indeed, the audience gets an opportunity to listen to something they can relate to easily.

The presentation aspect of this speech is also important in attracting the audience to listen to the speaker. Also, voice intonation is crucial since it indicates the areas of importance in ones’ speech (Habermas, 2015). Moreover, it involves the interactions of the public with the speaker by maintaining eye contact them which allows them to ask questions and pauses that let them infuse the message.

The reason for using the above elements of speech is because I am confident that they will aid me in drawing the audience to listen actively to my presentation.


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