Effects of celebrity advertising in social media. Essay Example

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Advertising in Social Media2

Еffесts оf сеlеbrity аdvеrtising in sосiаl mеdiа


In the contemporary world, promotion of products in social media through the celebrities has become very common. Many brands are using celebrity endorsement in social media campaigns for their products (Westerman, Spence, and Van Der Heide, 2014, 171). However, the usage of celebrities is only aimed at making the endorsements to look more believable to the consumers, thus convincing consumers to purchase such products regardless their nature. It is evident that celebrity has great power that can influence the consumers purchasing behaviour and attract them towards the advertised brand. Brands need to select the right celebrity for their advertisements. This paper seeks to explore the effects of celebrity advertising in social media. There is identification of the possible solutions to that problem and evaluation of the effectiveness of those solutions.

Possible causes of the problem:

When advertising brands in the social media through celebrity; brands do not only deserve to get the fame, but determines that a large number of followers to reach (Westerman, Spence, and Van Der Heide, 2014, 172). There are many followers in various social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. The celebrities who are in these social media sites have a very large number of followers, thus likely to influence very many people through their endorsement. Brands only chose a celeb from the fact that one has many followers across different social media sites.

The customers of a certain brand are influenced by advertisements to buy what it needs and what does not need. This is because the celebrities make the products and services of the brands to seem more believable (Choi, and Reid, 2015, 6). The tone and manner of conducting the advertisement using a celebrity makes the celebs assume the effectiveness of the brand or the products to be similar to their celebrity in various sectors, such as sports celebs who are famous because of their success in the sport games. For instance, when advertising Nike products, the brand uses celebs in athletic to make consumers purchase them with the mentality that putting on the Nike shoe or T-shirt would make one to be like the particular celeb (Cunningham, and Bright, 2012, 74). This leads to some consumers purchasing what they do not need. Advertising using a certain celebrity might lead to people making poor purchasing decisions just because they know the celeb but not because they know much about the product.

Brands charge high prices for the product after making advertisement of the famous people in social media. Consequently, the consumers are made to pay for products just because they are associated with celebrity in the social media. The consumers are made to contribute even for the cost incurred by the brand to pay for the advertisement because of payment to the celebrities.

Potential solution(s):

In order for the brand to acquire the desired results from the celebrity advertising in social media, it is necessary to determine the committees to assess the advertisers and monitoring their behaviour as they become influential figures in society. The committee should be allowed to investigate the relationship between the celebs and the social media subscribers or their personal followers (Choi, and Reid, 2015, 8). The brands should not engage anyone who opens an account at social media because it is hard for one to receive a large number of followers to become famous. The brands should choose the right celebrities by conducting their research and identifying the source of their fame.

The brands might also outreach to community members purchase a policy. This means that the brands need to interact closely with the community members to identify their purchasing behaviour. It is also necessary for the brand to select a celebrity with clear knowledge about the product to avoid misleading of the consumers and too ensure that it would be possible for the celebrity to teach ones followers about the brand (Cunningham, and Bright, 2012, 76). It is also advisable for the brands to involve follow-up of parents to choose their children celebrities especially those following him in social media. It would be necessary for the brands to reach the possible sources of influence to their target customers. The brands are supposed to investigate the impact of their products to the community (Rai, and Sharma, 2013, 57). Online recommendation from the online users would be efficient because it would be possible for a brand to identify the particular followers of a particular celebrity.

To avoid charging high prices for the products involved in celebrity advertising in social media, brands need an intervention of ministry of commerce and control of all the price special products they have been advertising. Additionally the ministry would be engaged to determine the price of advertisements, thus avoiding overcharging the consumers (Rai, and Sharma, 2013, 59). It is important to be ethical despite conducting celebrity advertisement because some celebrities only play their part and get their share without caring the influence of the product to the public or consumers.

Evaluation the solution

Through proper assessment of the celebrities before engaging them in the advertisement, this would enable the brands to be effective in their advertisements. The right celebrities create personal connections with their followers, thus their choice would enable a brand to be followed similarly with how the celebrity is followed (Choi, and Reid, 2015, 8). By collaborating with the ministry of commerce, it would be possible to pay fairly for the advertisement and charge considerable prices for the products. This would also prevent payment of high amount to the celebrities, which is reciprocated with charging high prices for the products or services. The engagement of the community in the advertisement process would also help in the selection of the appropriate advertising message and enable the brand to make sense (Cunningham, and Bright, 2012, 80). Choosing celebrities to efficient knowledge about the brand would help in spreading of the brands information.


Celebrity advertising in social media is common in the current generation. The brands using celebrity advertising need to choose a celebrity with fame and one with a large number of followers. The celebrity advertising influences consumers to purchase what one needs and what one does not require. Moreover, it leads to charging of high prices for the products and services. It is necessary for brands to assess the celebrities and their behaviour to the society to identify how they can become influential to the target market. Brands also need to involve the ministry of commerce in order to acquire assistance in setting of the advertisement prices and control the product prices in the market. This helps the brands to be effective in their celebrity advertising.


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