Effects of abuse 4 Essay Example

Effects of abuse 4

Abuse is any form of physical or emotional harm resulting from negative effects of your surrounding environment or caused by a person above your control and you have little or no say on it. It can also be verbal or sexual or a combination of all. This paper discusses the effects of abuse on people regardless of their age, disability or gender (Krug, 2002)

After a person is abused, his/her self-esteem is greatly affected. One’s ability to make good decisions is diminished because of the feeling that he or she can’t achieve a thing. A diminished self-esteem can trigger a very big reaction from a minor occurrence, for example when told to keep a secret can be disturbing. This also negatively affect ones sleeping, eating and concentration.

Scores of people who are abused have no or very little trust on others. They express a lot of anger towards other people and also themselves, and it becomes an uphill task to make friends (Moelker and Palme 2008). Abuse is a considerable cause of depression in people. Some are affected as much as doing things that may hurt them like slicing themselves and even abuse of hard drugs and alcohol. It may even reach the extent of committing suicide.

An abused person might have the fear of acquiring help for the fear of reporting or telling on someone they really love and cherish. This applies to all people regardless of their age, gender or even cultural background. They tend to reason that somebody wonderful to them at most times, can be awful and betray their once good relationship. It is unfortunate that many abuse cases go unreported because of dependence on the abuser either family wise or financially (Krug, 2002).

Abuse alone cannot cause psychological disorders to an abused but also trigger a very strong factor that hinders their development .Being abused does not only mean that you will develop depression, but abuse is sufficient enough to cause depression! It is unfortunate that it does not even spare the rich in the society but strikes all.


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