Effective news release for disability awareness Essay Example

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Effective news release for disability awareness

Effective news release for disability awareness

April 20, 2011 The Australian Bureau of statistics released the alarming news about the disability which over four million Australians live with that limit them from involving in various tasks. The disabled people usually get care packages from their respective hostels and nursing homes (Guy, G, 2009).

April 20, 2011. The teams that are involved in catering for the disabled are putting forth efforts to create awareness on the issue. University students for instance, are involved in projects of constructing physical structures such as automatic doors to make it the environment favorable

the disabled (Charles, A.R, 2005).

April 20, 2011. The community has a responsibility to provide opportunities for the disabled and eradicate any form of discrimination posed on them. Through agencies such as Aged and Disability Rights Service and National Industry Association for Disability Services the disabled are protect by both law and society (Guy, G, 2009).

April 20, 2011. It is worthwhile to involve other organization even if non-governmental, as much if they have the same goal to campaign for the disabled in society. The involvement of different organizations enhances integration of their respective experiences (Charles, A.R, 2005).

April 20, 2011. The means by which information is passed should free of alterations, which could be misleading to the reader or recipient. Press release in print is least vulnerable to alteration hence are liable option (Guy, G, 2009)

April 20, 2011. Internet presence is highly influential when it comes to creating awareness, especially if it is based on social networks. Successful media release would demand an organization to have a website and links to most popular social websites to get attention of

most of the internet users (Charles, A.R, 2005).

April 20, 2011. Since the Australian government approves that people with disabilities, need supplementary support to carry out their roles like other citizens the environment is favorable in creating awareness. The other organization can freely air their contributions for

which they are certain will be appreciated (Charles, A.R, 2005).

April 20, 2011. Through The university students, projects on physical environment were carried out to help the disabled. The students set up automatic doors, construction of compatible washing rooms and claiming their financial allowance entitled allowances due to their condition (Guy, G, 2009).


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