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Educational leaders

Reflective educational researches are always being presented by scholars in Australia. They are really stimulating the educationists to give the best to the learners. Wise decisions and action taken by teachers thus improve their skills and knowledge in transferring of information to the students. Through that learners are guaranteed substantial change in behavior as they are being modeled wholly to be productive citizens. Consequently, the roles of the educators and managements of the teaching learning process is evolving from teacher being central student being central instead. The role of the educator, therefore, changes to that of a facilitator. By this learning have been transferred as a responsibility of the student themselves thus making them develop essential skills such as problem solving, improved creativity etc. It has lead to the improvement of school management and physical environment which is said to have an impact on the teacher quality and student outcomes. Educative rather than administrative focus leads to high achievement. As Gunter &Fitzgerald (2008) highlight moderate class sizes and exciting as well as learning welcoming physical environment is being adopted since it is optimal to learning.

In regards to Bill (2008) recommended in his review schooling has been subjected to a broader curriculum leading to the consolidation of technology thus enhancing the teaching learning process. Unlike limited curriculum broader curriculum exclusively exposes students thus developing them wholly in all aspects. Assessments of the curriculum have improved greatly since it is adequately done. It have change from examination oriented assessment to skills oriented thus improving the outcome. Utilization of feedback has led to massive development of educational system thus improved schooling. Researches have really been an avenue to the improvement of quality teaching learning process. This has led to proper management of schools and the overall out come to the learners.


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