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Similarities and differences of understanding and experiences

Coming from Saudi Arabia it is fascinating to learn about Nepal’s educational system. Although there are notable differences and similarities, the incorporation of environmental sustainability programs in education and its impacts is evident. The inclusion of practical programs in the curriculum has proven to be very profitable as it enables students to learn and participate in environmental conservation and sustainability. In my opinion, the shift from the lecture teaching method to include real experiences and practices, help the learner to build better critical thinking, problem solving, research and inquiry skills. It also helps in better retention of content and thus better performance unlike when they have to memorize (Green, 2008). The inclusion of the society in some of these programs is also commendable as it promotes cross cultural interactions which improves student’s interpersonal relations in the society.

However, unlike in Nepal the environmental sustainability studies are incorporated in the whole country’s curriculum in Saudi Arabia and not only in protected areas. This promotes the preservation of the environmental as a whole and not just the national parks and wildlife conservation. There is also Intergration of Information technology in teaching and learning has also played a great role in promoting scientific research on environmental conservation studies and to enhance reduction of consumption of natural resources. In my opinion, although both educational systems cannot be referred as perfect there is a commendable progress from theoretical based curriculum implementation. I believe adoption of these practical experiences in all the subjects would improve the quality of education offered in our schools.


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