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Personal Journal4

Personal Journal


From the viewpoint of most business people, service quality is termed as the achievement in customer service. It is typically reflected at each service encounter. Consumers more often than not form service expectations based on advertisements, word of mouth or based on past experiences (Dall & Bailine 2004). The kind of service offered to customers, usually determines the success and failure of the business. Thus, it is essential for businesses should always strive to offer the best quality of service to their customers so as to retain them and add new others in the future (Turban 2002).

A good example of an instance when I received poor customer service was when I visited a restaurant to order some for myself and my boss. When I entered the restaurant, I made my order and left. After leaving, I realized that I had forgotten to order for my boss his food and I returned to the restaurant to make the order. The lady who was serving me was so rude and asked me if I had to go out and then later come to order again and also if it had just popped in my head that I needed to make another order. Prior to that, I had gone to the store to order some donuts and some soup and she told me that I would get fat and told me in a very loud voice that I needed to take care of what I am eating. Based on this, I vowed never to return to that restaurant, irrespective of the fact that, it is located a few blocks from where I work.

Based on various literatures on management, the customer is always right. The restaurant needs to put some measures in place to ensure that their employees offer the quality service to the customers (Kerin 2012). One measure that can be put in place is letting the entire employee in the organization to know the important role that is played by the customers. By doing so, employees will treat customers in a friendly manner and better quality of service. Another measure that can be put in place is having a complaint box where customers are able voice their concern. The restaurant can later look at the complaints related to service and offer improvements (Turban 2002). By doing so, those employees who are not offering quality service will be cautioned. Also, in instances when great service is recognized the concerned, employee need to be rewarded and this will make all the others to follow suit. The employees attitude would have been as a result of poor pay, the restaurant management need to ensure that they give their employee competitive wages and this will in a way show the employees that they are cared for (Kotler & Keller 2012).


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