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Eagle Boys Company

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 1

2Marketing activity2.

2Product promotion and distribution strategy3.

3.1. Target market: 2

3.2. Segmentation: 2

3.3. Pizza Price 2

3.4. Distribution: 3

3Comparisons and recommendations4.

References 6

  1. Introduction

Eagle Boys Company is a chain restaurant type of business established in 1987 by local businessman Tom Potter at Albury, New South Wales. The restaurant specialized in making its four favorite pizzas namely, BBQ Meatlover, Hawaian, Super Supremo and Pepperoni. Eagle Boys stores dominate the non-metropolitan areas and small stores found in service stations. Eagle Boys headquarters is located at the suburb of Anerley, Queensland Australia. This pizza company has been in operation for 25 years and has made several acquisitions including Pizza Haven. The company in its initial years of operation made several promotional marketing strategies. It specialized in a “2 and 8 minute express pizza” sale up warmth after making. Eagle Boys later introduced two other promotional and distribution strategy by namely “Fresh, Ready Go” and “Managers Special.» To live to its tagline, “Delivering delicious, great value pizza for over 25 years,» Eagle Boys have continually used promotional and distribution strategy to sustain its large market. In this study, the company introduced a promotion product tagged, ‘Call of Duty’ promotion (The Sydney Morning Herald, 2008).

  1. Marketing activity

  2. Product promotion and distribution strategy

    1. Target market: To demonstrate its commitment to ‘Delivering Delicious, great value pizza,’ Eagle Boys introduced a promotional strategy name, ‘Call of Duty’ promotion. The promotion which covered a period of one month targeted pizza products specifically identified by Eagle Boys. The promotion limited the entry platform to simple accessibility mediums like website and mobile phones.

    2. Segmentation:The entry level was only open for specific states and individual categories excluding specific states and specific groups like, spouses, management and employees of the company.

    3. Pizza Price: The promotion specifically prescribed prize tags for the ‘Call of Duty’ products. The promotion for instance, a daily prize draw, wins dubbed ‘Call of Duty Ghost game.’ The grand prize of $ 689 for the ‘Call of Duty Ghost game,’ rallied attention to Eagle Boys restaurant for pizzas. This promotion increased sales and created publicity which put the restaurant ahead of its competitors. The current promotion strategy is inviting clients to register membership at Eagle Club and receive the latest offers plus a $ 1 off menu prized pizzas.

To promote its products regularly, the’ pizza boys’ have placed online offers and its menu including prized pizzas. Option to register for delivering and pickup of product’s positions the Eagle Boys in the modern marketing platform. The top menu pick includes BBQ meat lover, Hawaian, Supersupremo and Pepperoni.

    1. Distribution: Its distribution strategy gives two options to customers. These are delivery option which after a client makes an order the pizza will be delivered to the address just in time. The second option is the pick-up option. The client after making an order with specific time frame will get the pizza ready for pick up. Eagle Boys pizza also has a catering service for all occasions.

The marketing activity as outlined in the lecture of chapter 12, promotion involves carefully designing product presentation and seeks to give more appeal and attention compared to other existing products.

  1. Comparisons and recommendations

To maximize on the promotion as a marketing strategy, Eagle Boys ensured enough publicity to its target groups. Despite having other different products (pizzas) the company singled out few products and branded for a specific objective. The company could have chosen to make promotional drive to all of its products, but chose certain new products. This strategy was meant to make a strong introduction of these products to the market.

In this promotion, Eagle boys, could have achieved more if they could not have limited the level and modes of participation. By prescribing the use of mobile phones and website platforms only, the promotion closed out a large group of potential clients using Eagle Boys Android app, iPhone app or in-store. Other conditions outlined for participation might have made the promotion success or failure in part.

From this activity, the company managed to introduce new pizzas to its market and increased its sales in one month period of the promotion. To achieve more the company could make increased sales and much publicity if it could not have defined its target market and limited market segmentation.

To achieve higher promotional output, the company in its future activity could use strategies like, geographical segmentation and quality customer service. The geographical segmentation will put it consideration localization of products, product advertising to meet needs of individuals. The market can also be segmented according to social class, lifestyle and personality characteristics. The one month promotion period limited the scope of publicity and the length of turnover margins realized from sales in this activity.

  1. Conclusion

From this analysis of promoting pizza products by Eagle Boys, promotion and distribution strategy opened a window to introduction of new products and a new platform to get to market and satisfaction of its clients. In meeting the objective of ‘Delivering Delicious, great value pizza,’ Eagle Boys used promotion strategy by branding its pizza product as ‘Call of Duty’ Promotion. This strategic marketing issue aimed at reaching a defined target group and a segmented group. The promotion established a daily draw prize to a particular product purchased and a grand prize for specific winners in the one month promotion. To achieve company’s objectives in marketing, any marketing strategy should involve market research, product classification and pricing in relation to changing market trends and demand.


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