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Connectivity and technology infrastructure

Connectivity is a termed used to measure the extent to which businesses and people can get access to the internet and other mobile networks affordable, with high assurance on reliability, quality and security. In Germany, 84% of the population makes use of the internet since it is readily available and affordable

Business environment

In making an evaluation to the business climate, indicators are used to offer forward and comprehensive views of the attractiveness of a country as a destination and trading economy. Germany has a liberal market economy. It is also ranked as the largest economy in the European continent, and it has always been a forerunner in terms of technological advancements.

Social and cultural environment

Education is seen as a precondition when to come to making use of the internet, but other aspects such as literacy and technical skills are also essential. Due to education people and business in Germany makes use of the internet on a daily basis. Mainly in social media and other business related aspects such as research and web conferencing.

Legal environment

The development of E- business relies primarily on the country’s legal framework and laws governing the use of the internet. It reflects the legal frameworks that have direct and lasting impact in regard to the use of digital technology to communicate inform and transact business. The legal frameworks offer restriction to some sites that are likely to erode children morals for instance child pornography. There are also other laws that relate to copyright issues.

Government policy and vision

E-ready governments usually supply their people with clear roadmaps in the adoption of technology and mostly they are at the forefront of using technology to create efficiencies. The German government have been at the forefront of the implementation of technology in a number of their facilities with the aim of enhancing the services offered to their citizens. Through this, they will be able to encourage individuals and other business owners to adopt the use of the internet in most of their facilities to enhance their daily activities and business agendas.

Consumer and business adoption

In reality societal adoption, policy and legal environments are essential platforms in a digital economy, the utilisation of the digital channels by companies and individuals can be a measure of successful implementation. Consumers and businesses in Germany have made good use of the internet, and they are not slowing down anytime soon. Thus, over time Germany will have a digital economy with a considerable percentage of people in the country making use of technology in one way or another.


In conclusion, Germany seems to have made great strides in the adoption and use of the internet. The government should enhance the internet connections in the country to ensure that people can conduct business in the most efficient manner. With the assurance of reliability and affordability of the Internet, investors are likely to be attracted to Germany as a possible investment hub. The legal frameworks and government policies will guide and enhance business.


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