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E-debate (entry for this weeks Blog — What have we learnt from our malaria failures?) Essay Example

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E-debate: What we have learnt from our Malaria Failures

I disagree. In my opinion, we have not fully learnt from our malaria failures. This is because even though eradication and elimination of malaria is a key goal, the attainability of the goal is not certain since there has been no reliable baseline regarding malaria reduction for more than 20 years (CDC, 2013). This boils down to malarial routine data systems that are not as strong as they should be. There is lack of adequate empirical data on malaria as well as lack of means of modeling and imputing data. Malaria diagnostics are very important because confirmation of malarial cases is important for accurate, reliable and timely malaria surveillance. Therefore, there is a need to improve malaria surveillance systems as well as vital registration systems to ensure there is adequate empirical data on malaria. This will enable the world to measure its success on fight against malaria and also individual countries will be able to measure their own progress and thus manage the programs aimed at fighting malaria suitably (WHO, 2011).


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