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E commerce Project proposal

Case study of Bloom erg Computers LTD

Name: Zihao Chen

Institution: Macqurie University.

Student ID: 43415768.

Chapter One


Bloom erg Computers LTD is a city based Retail Company. The company stocks various computer types and accompanying accessories. The company has several branches spread over the city. Currently the company only performs its transactions off the counter and has no other means of retailing or advertising its products (Schneider, 2008). For the past years, Bloom erg Computers LTD has mainly targeted people living in the city as their primary customers since they are capable of easily accessing the company’s retail shops distributed across the city. This has limited the number of customers who access the premises, limiting the company’s growth. E-commerce thus is viable way of expanding the market scope and reaching more clients, which can be done via e-retailing (Pirakatheeswari, 2012).

Research Proposal Objective

The objective of this research proposal is to evaluate on how using e-commerce increases the company’s market scope by reaching more clients. Online shops can be accessed any time of the day, and many clients can access internet services at home or cyber cafes. On the contrary, conventional retail shops involve travel and can only be accessed at specified business hours (Pirakatheeswari, 2012).

Specific E- commerce Research Objectives

  • the effects of E-commerce in the performance of business.Research

  • how e-commerce is affected by economic uncertainty in business. Evaluate

  • some e-commerce opportunities and how they are perceived by businesses.Explore

  • findings and recommendations for various e-commerce business options (Reynolds, 2004). Present

Chapter Two

Literature Review

.)2005(Laudon & Traver, The literature review of this research proposal will gather the required and relevant information from books, E- commerce Journals and Information from previous research done on this particular subject. The review of literature will focus on impact of E- commerce in general to business organizations and also highlight E- commerce initiative proposed


The world has turned into a digital village, an era which information can easily be accessed via the internet. E-commerce involves more than selling goods and services; it also includes customer servicing, collaboration with other business partners, and handling electronic transactions (Kabani & Brogan, 2007).

E-commerce initiative

The proposed e-commerce initiative will involve the use of online retailing or e-retailing. The online shops will display the items being retailed by the company and their respective descriptions and specifications. E-retailing involves the establishment of a website through which the company will interact with prospective clients, this way; clients are able to obtain information on the available products and order or purchase according to their preference. In online shops, clients can select and pay for items via the appropriate payment gateway. The company will facilitate the appropriate means of delivery (Laudon & Traver, 2005).

Chapter Three

Research Methodology

The study design is appropriate as the subject matter of the study will be used with the aim of finding the possible solution to the problem of the study. The researchers will conduct a survey; the study population will be 20 E-commerce business outlets (Schneider, 2008). The researchers through the survey study will be able to identify the social significance and benefits of the problem of study to citizens and the possible efforts to be utilized in reducing the effects of E-commerce on the citizens’ life styles. Long lasting solutions to the problem will be established from the study information acquired from reviewing results of past researchers that helped a lot in bringing up the possible solutions (Kabani & Brogan, 2007).


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