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E-Business Plan for an Organization 11


E-business Plan for an Organization

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Current Business Situation 3

Proposed Business Solution 4

E-business model 4

E-business revenue models 5

Network and communications infrastructure 5

5Network Infrastructure

Communications Infrastructure 6

Applications Required 6

Addressing Security Issues 6

Addressing e-marketing requirements 7

Choice of Payment systems 7

Addressing Privacy and Other Relevant Ethical Concerns 7

Address Legal Issues Connected With the E-Business 8

Addressing Customer Service Issues 8

Measuring the Success of Your Proposal 8

Resource Requirements To Implement To Proposal 8

Conclusion 9

References 9


The use of latest and up-to-date web based technologies has turned into one of the basic business needs. Additionally, the application of new web based technology platforms has offered a great deal of support and facilities in form of effective business management and helped the businesses to reach worldwide markets without spending much investment (Laudon & Laudon, 2005) and (Turban, Leidner, McLean, & Wetherbe, 2005). In this scenario, this report talks about an-business plan for JG King Homes, which is a Ballarat-based company that is aimed to incorporate the new web based technology platforms in their business. The business of JG King Homes is spread over a lot of business entities that require a great deal of effective and high level business management. This report is aimed to assess and analyze some of the imperative aspects and areas of the new e-business technology plan or specification. This report will also recommend some new technology based options those can effectively improve the overall business working and operational capabilities.

Current Business Situation

The business of JG King Homes was started as a small business arrangement and now evolved into a huge business setup. Thus, this current huge business setup of JG King Homes is offering a great deal of complex and hard business management and operational support. In this scenario, the management of JG King Homes is facing a lot of business management and operational problems. Consequently, these problems lead to various business issues. The business is currently facing following main issues regarding current business aspects:

  • Long business process cycle

  • Less effective data recording

  • Complex business handling

  • Difficulty operational management

  • Long term order processing cycle

  • No business data support for decision making

  • Hard management of business issues

Proposed Business Solution

As discussed above that the e-business is one of main solutions for the JG King Homes business. However, in order to implement online business platform for the JG King Homes business we will need to apply a new corporate framework that is able to effectively support the business dealings and operational support through the web based platform. This new e-business platform will offer a great deal of support and facilities for corporate operational management and issues handling (Ray, 2004).

E-business model

An e-business model is a framework which tells the company how to generate revenue for the business (Trombly, 2000) and (Peng, 2010). For the establishment of new e-business platform for the JG King Homes business we will implement the direct online sales e-business model. This new web based business model will offer a great deal of support and capability regarding effective management of business operations. The new business management structure will offer capability in case of automated business supply chain management and operational support.

E-business revenue models

In case of JG King Homes business we will establish online products stores that will offer facility of selling goods using business to business (b2b) as well as business to consumer business models thus they will be able to generate revenue by selling goods on internet. Moreover, the b2b revenue model will be used for the internet direct selling and overall business operational management through the web based business platform.

Network and communications infrastructure

In case of JG King Homes business we will require a great deal of enhanced and high-speed network and communications infrastructure. Below I will outline some of the main aspects of two technology frameworks:

Network Infrastructure

In case of JG King Homes business we will require a completely new network arrangement. This network will be based on MAN network framework that will be used to connect all the offices and main manufacturing departments of the business through satellite communication links. In this scenario, we will have data server, internet server, backup server and application servers for running overall business platform.

Communications Infrastructure

We will make use of new and much better communication technology for the business. This will be VoIP communication arrangement among all business departments and working platforms.

Applications Required

There will be a lot of applications those will be required for meeting the main and specific e-business goals. Below I will outline some of those applications:

  • Supply chain management systems

  • HR management system

  • Online transection processing systems

  • Online payment processing systems

  • Web based marketing systems

Addressing Security Issues

There can be several security issues in case of web based business. In scenario of web based business these issues can be of different types. For the sake of effective business management over the internet we need to resolve these issues. In this scenario we will implement a network firewall for overall network data protection. Then we will implement proper security login systems that will ensure the suitable individuals can only access the business system. The all business workstations will be effectively protected through system application antivirus systems.

Addressing e-marketing requirements

For addressing e-marketing requirements we will take following main actions:

  • Taking customer feed based

  • Ensuring constant system update

  • Frequent business management

  • Better services provision

  • Incorporating customer suggestions

Choice of Payment systems

For JG King Homes business we will make use of various payment methods those can effectively support the business online transactions. Here are some of these methods:

  • Credit Card

  • Bank funds transfer

Addressing Privacy and Other Relevant Ethical Concerns

In order to deal with privacy and other relevant ethical concerns we will effectively train the business staff and offer them a great deal of enhanced training for resolving all possible business relevant issues and aspects.

Address Legal Issues Connected With the E-Business

In case of e-business legal and ethical issues we will implement a proper privacy policy that will better fulfill all the possible concerns of the business. This privacy policy will ensure the confirmation of customer and business security and legal aspects fulfilment.

Addressing Customer Service Issues

In order to address customer service issues we will make use of online live customer support centre. Here our customer support officer will offer live help and support 24*7. In this business will manage the all possible business and customer issues through live help and support desk.

Measuring the Success of our Proposal

In order to measure the success of our proposal we will assess the performance of system that will be implemented according our business specification. In case of success of these specifications we can make use of this report.

Resource Requirements to Implement to Proposal




  • High level programming skills

  • High level project management skills

  • Superior business management skills


This report has presented a detailed analysis of new web based business for JG King Homes business. E-business has become an essential need of almost all the organizations. It allows the organizations to perform their business operations over internet. This report has assessed some of the main aspects of new business technology establishment and operations for JG King Homes Business.


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