E-business and Collaboration Essay Example

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E-business and collaboration 2


E-Business and Collaboration

In e-business and collaboration, there is the development of a new e-business model in the development of a new café (CohesionCase 2013, n.pag.). This will require deciding on the CRM model.

The CRM model, (Customer relationship management) entails the management of all the elements of the relationship of the customers with the business and the organization in order to augment the loyalty of customers and in retaining the profitability of the organization (Buttle 2004, pg. 5). As Broadway Café begins to shift from the outmoded product-dedicated organization towards the customer-driven perspective, they will start perceiving their customers as professionals as opposed to mere revenue generators (Buttle 2004, pg. 5). The Broadway Café should swiftly realize that without customers, their existence would not be a guarantee. Therefore, the business has to undertake different measures in order to ensure that their customers are satisfied. In such a period when attaining to change the form of their product, the business can use the CRM model as a valuable asset for its business. CRM should be hastily embraced for the business to attain a competitive edge (Grönroos 2000, pg. 5.). This will also make it harder for their opponents to steal the businesses’ devoted and loyal customers. In this light, the Broadway Café can assume an interesting and unusual CRM approach. This would entail using YouTube in reaching out to its customers in different aspects. This forum is likely to make a great impact to many customers. This particularly applies in situations when the business makes unavoidable mistakes that warrant apologies. Through this model, the numerous emerging technologies available can offer many means through, which the business will reach out to its customers. In such cases, platforms like YouTube are smart (CohesionCase 2013, n.pag.).

Similarly, given that the Broadway Cafe faces different uncommon challenges, like in the implementation of the use of new espresso machines. This can cause many delays to customers due to complications of using these new machines by the employees. There can also be other delays like new employees who have not been used to different machines used in the Broadway Café. Usually, in peak hours there are usually more orders for cappuccinos and frappachunios, causing longer wait lines and times for clients. Under this situation, the business can employ the CSR model in telling of the customer’s frustrations and the need to address their needs. This will also include fixing the challenges inherent in the workforce as well as augmenting the required speed in the use of the new equipment (Verhoef 2003, pg. 30).

The e-business focus will entail developing a stratagem for employing YouTube as the channel of communicating to all its customers regarding the issue of the unusually long waits on lines and the approaches being undertaken to correct the problems (Reinartz et, al. 2004, pg. 293). In doing this, the organization has to highlight the merits and demerits regarding the use of YouTube as a channel of communicating with the customer. The organization should also explore other available technologies that are more effective than YouTube that could be used as a channel for communicating with the clients of the business (Reinartz et, al. 2004, pg. 293).

In conclusion, Customer relationship management could be used to improve the loyalty of customers in order to retain the profitability of Broadways Café. This model would entail using YouTube in reaching out to its customers in different aspects of the business. The organization should also explore other available technologies that are more effective than YouTube in communicating with the customers.


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