Dvd cover project Essay Example


The wordings on THE MARTIAN cover involve the aspect of tracking. Little space has been left between the words that are describing content in the movie. It creates an inability to an individual that may try to read the wordings from a distance. Loose tracking is a better option.


A serif typeface would increase authority in the title. The writer will have an ideal understanding of the message portrayed on the cover. Romantic colours have also been applied to the cover. Additionally, the images can easily elaborate the theme of the movie.


Bright colours were often applied on the cover. On the other hand, this colour assists in interpreting the kind of scenes expected in the film. Tight tracking is also witnessed in the majority of words on the cover. Shapes incorporated in the cover demonstrates aspects of war.


Aspects of kerning are witnessed in the wordings. A user can easily interpret the information applied in the heading. Loose leading is also seen in the cover reducing the incidences of overlap and tension. Loose leading helps in finding a balance between the words.


Multiple colours are being used on the cover. These colours can then be used in interpreting the various themes used in the movie. Additionally, the spacing in words makes any reader have limited difficulty in understanding the information. There is an aspect of legibility in words making it easy to distinguish a particular letter from the text.

Serifs are witnessed in the title of the movie. The application of this typeface demonstrates a high level of professionalism from the designer. The images used on the cover describe the content that is expected in the movie. A context of tracking is also witnessed in the back side of the cover.


The majority of the words are cantered and left aligned. Fewer sections in the cover demonstrate aspects of monochromes. The blue colour is majorly used in the cover as some parts are covered with snow. The theme applied to the cover illustrates levels of hardships that the people were facing.


The title to the cover is cantered. However, the description at the back of the cover is right aligned. The red colour used demonstrates the theme of the movie that may be interpreted as an irregularity. The images used make it hard for the viewer to understand the theme.


A complementary colour scheme is viewed on the poster.Similarly, centre alignment and left alignment are used in the cover. Images used display aspects of anger and shock. Additionally, bright colours are also applied to help the viewer interpret the message in the picture.


The majority of the wording are left aligned. Warm colours are also traced in the cover. Images used to demonstrate the theme of war. Cool colours are also viewed at the back of the cover.

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