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This is a report about Alexandra Gardens: Playground Reform and Upgrade Project. The end user of this project was Alexandra Gardens Revenue Generation Department. The project plan was done using one of the most recommended project softwares (MS Project) which enables the project planning easier and more accurate. From the project plan, the estimated earliest completion of the project was 21st of December 2015 (which was the finishing process of handover and acceptance) from the starting date of 2nd November 2015. That is, the project, including the handover was estimated to take 36 days. The project was completed on the estimated date which is the date that the owner had planned for. The project followed the laid down project management plan and the costs and events corrected. A closer look at the project gives us the details as illustrated in the following subsequent discussions that inform us on how the project was handled.

In order to bring order to project work flows, the project network was a must consideration. Using the network diagram from the MS Project software, it was easy to coordinate between activities by understanding straight away which activity followed the other in their respective order. Below is the project’s network diagram that was followed during the project work.

Due date 11/01/2016Figure 1: Alexandra project network diagram showing the critical paths

The pink background shows the critical summary while the blue gives the activities within the respective timelines that were followed during the project work.

Having understood that every activity was done in accordance with the planned order as shown in the network diagram as shown above, it is good to understand that all the users were on track, and completion confusion were kept in check. To do this effectively, the Gantt chart was used. From the same Gantt chart, it was easy to mark the resources allocated to the tasks and the timelines for each task. The Gantt chart was also very useful to get a handle on the future throughout the project. Below is a Gantt chart diagram that was used to visualize the relationship between tasks.

Due date 11/01/2016 1

Figure 2: Gantt chart showing the resource allocation for tasks

To get the whole picture of the project plan and the project outcome in terms of cost for example, the diagram below gives a summary of it. The project management plan and the actual cost versus the baseline cost are helpful in understanding whether the estimates were done with due diligence or not. Bearing in mind the contingent aspects to a project, it can be seen from the table below that the project execution was very perfect and within the constraints of the budget. The actual cost was less than the baseline (estimated cost) which is better than the convers because chances are that the completion of the project might involve trouble with the owners. The task sheet therefore enabled the project execution to try as much as possible to be adherent to the cost estimates so as not to go beyond the estimated cost. This led to adjustments that were necessary to attain the designed budget. The task sheet also helped in ensuring that tasks were executed within the estimates of time using the assigned resources.

A completion cost of less than the budget by about $11,000 implies that the project estimated at $278,061 was successfully managed.

Table 1: Task sheet showing the baseline versus the actual cost of the project.

Due date 11/01/2016 2

In order to avoid overworking and/or underworking resources as well as to plan the resources per relevant task, resource management was duely considered. Below is how the resources in this project were managed for easy tracking of work and related cost (work resources), to track materials used and their cost (material resources) and just any other resources as tracked by cost resources.

Table 2: A resource sheet view indicating the resources

Due date 11/01/2016 3

This resource sheet was useful in identifying important fields for each resource and indicators were used to figure out critical information regarding each resource.

Having noted the above, it was always useful to understand the tasks that each resource was assigned. This was made by the resource usage view of the MS project as shown in the table in the next page. The table helped us to see which resources were overallocated (as indicated by a red) and/or which ones wre underallocated and relevant adjustments done during the project execution process.

Table 3: Resource usage view indicating resource usage to identify the overallocated resources.

Due date 11/01/2016 4


The project was very well managed and was completed within planned time and within the estimated budget. Thus it can be concluded that this project was a success thanks to good project management plan (PMP). It also suffices to conclude that MS project software is effective in PMP and is highly recommended for project managers.