Drug trade Essay Example

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International efforts to prevent and eliminate the Production and Distribution of Illicit Drugs have caused more Harm than Good.

It is clearly known and appreciated worldwide and accepted in every society that use of drugs including the legal ones like tobacco and alcohol has negative impacts on the human health. The different governments have made efforts internally to reduce the drugs production and consumption in line with the strategies put in place by the United Nations. This is because the drugs production and consumption is not only harmful to the consumers’ health but it affects the entire society. However, the efforts made to the reduction of the drugs seem to be more harmful than helpful (Baumert 1-9).

The consumers stay worried of the consequences of being caught while consuming. Due to this, when they come across it they consume without limits because they are not sure if they can get it the following day and this causes more harm to their health (Baumert 1-9).

Both produces and consumers, who have become dependent to the drugs, have look for ways to counter the war against drugs in order to survive. Among the ways used are criminal groups, corruption for the laws to be compromised and to the worst, violence is used.

If the drugs were legalized, the clear laws to govern consumption and production would be in place to minimize the harm rather than the struggle to eliminate the substance from the society (Baumert 1-9).

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