Double-Entry Notes for «Me Fail English?» Essay Example

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Works Cited Entry

Forgione, Anthony and Ariana Radcliffe. «Me Fail English? That’s Unpossible!». Web. 8 Sept. 2016.


What it says

What I think

The Debate tab, para.4

“In schools with diverse demographics, English teachers often become frustrated with the lack of Standard Written English they experience on their formal writing assignments.”

In this paragraph, the author is expressing their concern on the difficulties that English teachers are facing when going through assignments. This problem stems from the reason that each student is writing in an English version that they understand.

This becomes a problem for the English teacher when he or she has to go through the assignments and award students’ marks. The diversity in English dialect presented in these assignments cannot be ignored by any English teacher.

Suresh Canagarajah tab, para.6

“Canagarajah is attempting to reform society’s expectations for the English language by code meshing the students’ preferred local dialect with Standard Written English on formal assignments.”

Canagarajah supports the diversity of English dialect among the students. In this instance, the author underlines Canagarajah’s argument on the need for code meshing.

Code meshing can allows students who have not mastered the standard English language to combine it with their own English dialect in their assignments.

However, this would be a disaster as English teachers will have to go through assignments that have been written in conflicting dialects instead of standard English.

Guofang Li tab

End of para.2

“By embracing this approach, teachers ensure that the students’ cultures become the dominant tropes within the classroom, rather than periphery afterthoughts.”

In this instance, the author critiques Li’s argument that teachers need to learn about their students’ culture when it comes to English.

Although cultural considerations are important in the classroom, there is need to follow the standard English language which will give students equal opportunities.

The Richard E. Miller Tab

“Miller realizes that students must be well versed in the dominant language, because society, as it stands, only recognizes and adheres to that power structure.”

Miller critiques the arguments presented by Li and Canagarajah.

Standard English is a dominant language and incorporating other English dialects in the assignments will only destroy the language in the long run.