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Works Cited Entry

Anzaldua, Gloria. “How to Tame a Wild Tongue: Borderlands/ La Frontera.” (2012). Aunt Lute Books. San Francisco. Print.


What it says

What I think

Pg. 76, para. 2.

“Wild tongues cannot be tamed, they can only be cut out”

The author ties to show how an individual’s native language is. The author finds speaking in her native language more pleasing than other languages despite the efforts by her mother and teacher to persuade her to always speak in English. This quote shows that all the efforts by her mother and teachers to make her get rid of her accent and develop interest in English speaking were futile and she could not be tamed or persuaded to abandon her native language.

Pg. 77, para. 2.

“Chicano Spanish is not incorrect, it is a living language”

This phrase serves to justify the authenticity of the Chicano Spanish, the author’s language, regardless of the accusation by various Latinos and Latinas that Chicano Spanish speakers are traitors. The fact that Chicano Spanish is a mixture of English and Spanish should regard the language as deficient and unsuitable because the language developed naturally and identifies the group of people whose first language is not Spanish and those that cannot be regarded as either standard Spanish or English.

Pg. 78, Last paragraph.

“Through lack of practice and not having others who can speak it, I’ve lost most of the Pachuco tongue.”

I think that the author tries to show the importance of practice in helping individuals speak in various languages, especially a new language. Regular practicing of a foreign language by speaking it is very important if you want to know more about that language.

Pg. 83, para. 4

“There are more subtle ways that we internalize identification, especially in the forms of images and emotions”

People from diverse cultures and regions have different ways to identify themselves. These ways makes them unique and admirable by other cultures. For instance, the author notes that food and various smells help her internalize her identification. This statement shows the importance and beauty of diversity of cultures as it helps individuals identify themselves with their cultures and become proud of them.