Do women write differently from men? Is «�gay love’ or «�gay literature’ different? Do ethicity/culture/language matter? Essay Example

Essay Plan

Purpose: The purpose of this essay is to analyze the expression of lesbian and gay sensibilities, have given rise in writing about love

Aim and scope of the report: The aim of this essay is to discuss issues surrounding literature skills between men and women regarding regarding sex especially gay/lesbians.

Methodology: The essay will discuss on the difference between gay and lesbian, followed by the general perception and stigma that they currently face. The second paragraph will analyze on the issue of ethnicity and how it affects literature.

Findings: The findings presented on the essay reflect the notion that women and men write differently when it comes to issues that touch on gays and lesbians.

Limitations: The paper is limited to gays and lesbians and a different situation may yield a different outcome.