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Differences in the Company Financing Mechanisms, Operations, and Financial Statements


Lynas Cooperation, as opposed to other companies, uses not only supernormal profits gained from its annual sales but also depends on debts as its funding mechanisms. Lynas debts occur in the form of borrowings set in Note 24 Borrowings. Examples of borrowed securities for the company include Mt Kellett convertible bonds and JARE loan facility. These securities are continuously receiving amendments and the company financial speculations show that they may extent to 2018. Additionally, Lynas Cooperation obtains its credit from various funding organizations especially the Australian banking institutions. The company’s financial statements use historical cost convention technique during their preparation to facilitate its operations. Lynas cooperation primary operations include mining and selling rare earth products and development amortization.

Additional operations include exploration and evaluation of the firm’s expenditure. Financial statements comprised of the firm and its subsidiaries summed up as “Group.” Yancoal Australia Limited lacks a comprehensive income presented in a single statement when compared to the other four companies. The company sales of goods appear separately from revenues as opposed to the other companies who show more details as required. Yancoal’s financial details were limitedly explored in comparison to the remaining four business firms.

The Life Healthcare Group Limited operations are not distinctly separated as for the case of Mayne Pharma Group Limited. As opposed to the other four firms, Life Healthcare Group Limited operates in one of the most challenging sectors that is healthcare. This sector provides human basic needs of health and wellbeing compelling the firm to be highly accountable to its potential clients. The later has the best operations and financial statements of the four companies. Despite that its statement of comprehensive income occurs singly, it details profit and other detailed income. Mayne Pharma Group Limited details clearly all its paid dividends in the Statement of Changes in Equity with all additional revenue details demonstrated in Note 1. Lastly, this company has three segmented operations as opposed to the rest.

Similarities in the Company Financing Mechanisms, Operations, and Financial Statements


Despite the differences between the operations and financial statements of the four companies, there are essential areas where their features resemble. The financial position statement of the four firms distinguishes current and non-current liabilities with more detailed notes. They also demonstrate at least three essential equity components with more information. Additionally, the companies’ Comprehensive Income Statement comes as a single statement and includes profits and additional detailed income.

All companies have Statement of Changes in Equity to give clear details on the paid dividends paid with their sales of goods and services appearing distinctively from the rest of other revenues. Additional similarities include the ability of the four companies apparently to show relevant accounting policies in Note 1 as provided by the Australian Business operational law. Lastly, all the companies ensure that their statements are prepared with strict adherence to the Australian Accounting Standards. This assertion enables the company financial statements to concur with the IFRS and the Corporation Act 2001 of Australia.

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