Diversity Management

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Diversity Management

Are all relevant key legislations included in the DET policy?

The DET Diversity policy it takes into consideration some relevant significant legislation. These legislations include the NSW Disability Services Act 1993, Community Relations and Principles of Multiculturalism Act 2000, and Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992, among others (NSW-Department of Education, 2009). However, not all relevant legislations are taken into consideration. Some of the missing legislations comprise of Sex Discrimination Act of 1984, Fair Work Act of 2009, as well as Racial Discrimination Act of 1975.

Identify where in the existing Policy the principles of diversity are evident

In the policy, the principle of diversity is evident in its objective. The objective of the policy is to create a workforce that is skilled and varied by the constituents of the NSW community (NSW-Department of Education, 2009). As such, having an objective of including all who are present in the community is by the principle of diversity as it eliminates the incidence of discrimination in the community.

Are the strategies and measures of success in the implementation Documents relevant to the objectives of the policy?

The strategies and measures of the implementation documents are in line with the objectives of the Diversity Policy. In a nutshell, the aim of the policy is to realize a workforce that is diverse (NSW-Department of Education, 2009). Accordingly, the implementation documents prioritize the attraction and recruitment, and development and training of a diverse workforce. In addition to this, the implementation plans also prioritize the inclusion of this diverse workforce in business. This prioritization dictates the strategies and measures that are set forth. Therefore, they promote the objectives of the diversity policy.

Trends For Diversity And EEO Issues

According to the DET Annual Report, the trends on diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is illustrated using two classes of statistical data. One of the trends on diversity and EEO is represented using the trend in EEO groups’ representation and their respective distribution. According to the EEO group’s representation, there has been a general increase in representation of the interest group; this is especially evident for women. On the other hand, as per distribution the interest groups, all the EEO groups were approximately close to the NSW government’s set benchmark, and over the years the distribution has been gradually increasing.

Recommendations for improvement of the Policy

Improvement of the policy should be made in the implementation phase. This is of particular importance because the implementation of the policy dictates its effectiveness. As such, an implementation committee should be created as it will be tasked with an oversight duty and developing new strategies that aim at meeting the objective of the policy. Business owners also should be educated on the need to become culturally sensitive in all aspects of the firm.

Legislation and Their Impact Upon Diversity In The Workplace

Equal Employment Opportunity Act

This act is essential in maintaining diversity in the workforce as it aims at creating working environments that are free from harassment and discrimination. As such, it has made it possible for businesses to embrace diversity and developing organization policies that promote equality and curb harassments.

Gender Equality Act

The gender equality act has been instrumental in maintaining diversity in the place of work. Essentially, the act has promoted the equality of women and men in the workplace, a fact which is associated with the increased number of women in the job market.

Disability Discrimination Act

This act is relevant to the working environment. It protects persons with disabilities against any form of discrimination. This group of people has equal rights and opportunities with those who are not disabled. As such, the working environment is also made up of individuals with disabilities.

Racial Discrimination Act

This legislation has been effective tool in realizing a diverse workforce. Fundamentally, the Act was developed to promote racial equality in the community. By so doing, incidences of preferences or favoritism of specific race when hiring an individual on a terminal or renewable contract has reduced, thus promoting diversity at the workplace.


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