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The Project Agreement pro-forma

Hoi Tung Yung

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Crystal group management and innovation changes to increase job and work output.


According to Nowick (2015, pg. 78), Crystal group management and innovation to increase the job and work output topic was chosen to make relevant changes in the company, which would see both administration and innovation change to help improve the company output. Crystal group is garment manufacturing company based in China, which is well performing in the Asian garment industry. The company is ranked among the top their garment company in the wider Asian market. The company has over time attracted several awards for its exemplary work on the garment production. The company, however, has lacked in a constant and stable state since its 2010 Award of the Hong Kong Awards, as the most make of garment in Asia (Nowick, 2015, pg. 78). This move has made it possible for this research project to capitalize its efforts in reasonable terms and actions which can halt the operations of this company while bringing some positive change in the output.

As Nowick (2015, pg. 78), asserts, Crystal group has been using a similar garment logo and design for a long time now, almost a decade. A factor which needs a change and to attract more clients in the market. The company is well performing, being the third best company in Asia, with the garment production numbers stagnating over the last five years with little improvement. This project is done in line with the prospected fall of the company output if the figures don’t change, the fourth competitor may set in and occupy the crystal group’s position while taking the third position regionally. However, the company needs to have insights on higher levels of improvement to attain the first position in Asian garment production while still having the vision of becoming the world’s best garment manufacture company. All these crystal group prospects are only attainable if there is a change in the operations and the management of the company. The company needs to induce a change model (Rogers, 2010, pg. 23). To accommodate the desired model results.

On innovation of the company operations, the company needs several inputs to help it change how the clients see the products. Innovation is comprised of both information technology and the wise product change in production, to produce products (garments) which are more appealing to the clients and sell more. On the information technology, the company needs a change of its technological handling of customers and key stakeholders. The company employees should similarly be involved in any decision or suggestions which would see the design innovation changes to the company garment production. Innovation the company products is the main aspect and move towards achieving the desired output (Rogers, 2010, pg. 23). The management changes desired for this project include appointment and setting aside department in charge of innovation and any changes that would see the crystal group manufacturing garments to suit the needs and attract more of the client in the wider Asian continent.

The goal of this project if to increase the output of the crystal group product sales, the garments while increasing revenues from sales. The following are the objectives of this study project;

i. To boost the employee involvement in innovation agendas so as to boost the client satisfaction of the products

ii. To analyse the benefit of organisations adopting innovation in manufacturing.

iii. To cater for a change or innovation department to take care of any innovation ideas while changing Amy customer needed prospects of the company main products.

iv. To induce an innovation in every critical step of the production process, to see brand new product design which appeals more to the customers.

v. To increase the amount of profits attained from the company sales of garments, to leverage the crystal group company position in the Asian market.

Access to Organisations

The name of the organization where this project will be conducted is the Chinese crystal group, garment associated company. The company is for its positioning the Asian garment industry holding a critical position in the market as an essential company contributing to the region. The company is staking in its performance in the last five years although it has maintained its third position in the market, it needs and improvement, having won no award in the previous five years, there is a suggestion of client dissatisfaction, which forms the basis for this project (Tim, 2010, pg. 23).

The requirements of this project range from financial to managerial support from the company. The project will be conducted upon a collaboration support from the crystal group management, who will provide the required essential such as the permission to interview the employees, inspect the manufacturing process as well as reviewing their innovation obligations and advancements. The project financial requirements will, however, be provided by the company for the study primary benefits the corporation. The management well supports the idea of this study, and they are looking forwards to seeing the results of the project, so as for them to improve in the recommended areas. The nature of data accessible from the company ranges from the operational and numerical data to the management information (Tim, 2010, pg. 23). The project will seek both quality and quantity information from the enterprise.

Research Methodology

The methodology of this study will invoke a comprehensive data collection plan. The collected data will then be analysed and presented to the crystal group company for an effective action. The data collection methodology will involve both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. This study is a research type, to ascertain the relevant reasons of an innovation and market performance stagnation study, and in such, it will involve a descriptive method. The primary research will employ both primary and the secondary methods of data collection. The primary method of data collection will take two dimensions, named qual and quan methods. The quantitative method will involve two methods of data collection, namely, the questionnaire method and the survey method (Phillips & Stawarski, 2008, pg. 67). The qualitative data method of collection will only involve interview method of data collection. The secondary method of data collection will require an intensive internet research and past publications pertaining the crystal group company.

The questionnaire method of data collection is the main method, and it will include both open-ended question and the closed structured questions. In open-ended questions, the questionnaires will allow the respondent to answer their views pertaining their innovation measures taken by the company to improve its output and sales. The closed structured questions will give the respondents a set of choices to choose from in for the question asked, these two types of questionnaires will be indulged in one questionnaire. The questionnaire will have four sections, the personal information, and the knowledge base of the residents, the attitudes of the respondents and lastly the perspectives of the respondent (Phillips & Stawarski, 2008, pg. 67). The first three sections will employ the closed structured questions with choices, and the last section will have an open ended questions, so as the respondents to express their views with no choices given.

The other method of quan data collection, the survey, will be conducted by the researcher in the company premises, to ascertain the situation, the current operational framework with the employment of the current innovation measures. The survey will involve both employees of the company, including the managerial ranks, to ascertain the leadership and the efforts the company has so far on the innovation of the garments manufacture.

The qualitative method of the interview will involve interviewers and the interviewees. The company employees will be the respondent where face to face interview method will be used to get views of the chosen company employees. The data collected in this method is hugely a qualitative data representing opinions, views and perspectives of these employees. Lastly, the secondary data collection will look into any past publications made by the company to its stakeholders, to try and gather information on any innovation measures and any potential innovation changes to impact on the public perception and client acceptability of the company products (Munzert et al., 2015, pg. 34). An Internet search on any prospect changes will be used to gather any extra data requires.

The data collection is set to be analysed upon completion, several methods of analysing data will be employed in this section. Bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts will be utilized to get the actual information portrayed in the collected data. An SPSS and windows data analysing methods will be used to analyse the collected data. Upon analysing, the information will be presented to the relevant stakeholders for the crystal group company to take the appropriate measures in improving the innovation measures and gain more market share.

Timetable of Research Activity:

October 2016

November 2016

December 2016

February 2017

March 2017

April 2017

Project start; Project inception agenda by the researchers

Presentation of the project agenda by the researchers to the crystal group company for approval and funding.

Commencement of data collection, both primary and secondary

Data analysis of the collected data

Presentation of information to the crystal group company by the researchers with the recommended changes in innovation and management.

Commencement of any approved changes to the company operational framework as per the project recommendations.

Ethical Considerations
The ethical considerations to be taken up in this project involve the assurance of the safety by the interviewees inside the company premises. A management consent will be confirmed when speaking or interviewing the company employees. No persons under the age of eighteen years are expected to be interviewed in relation to this company. All restrictions to this study is that the study will be done within the crystal group company premises, and it will only include individuals employed or shareholders to the company.


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