Disorganized manager 1 Essay Example

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Disorganized managers

Student leader


A good manager needs to be organized, effective communicator with the aid of body language and patient with the members. The project, ‘community garden for local city’, needs effective leadership from the manager for it to be successful. Disorganization will achieve nothing in a community project. Body language involves use of sign language such as eye contact, facial expression and posture. The body language is an effective tool of communication.

Feeling evaluation

The decision to leave the meeting results from feeling of low expectations with regard to the behavior of manager. When managers are impatient with members of a group this will create disorganization and break the existing coerciveness and feeling of togetherness in the group. This illustrates poor leadership on the part of manager. The decision to leave is a sign of intolerance on my part.


Impatient managers create intolerant behaviors among group members. Body language needs to a positive tool of communication in a project. This will create positive impression among group members. Disorganized managers are likely to disorient group members and divert from the real project goals.


Poor managers are sumptuous of poor body language, impatient with group members and lack organization skills and this will makes group members to be disrespected and disoriented towards the common project.

Action plan

The manager will learn value of organization skills, effective communication skills and invitation of group members’ ideas so as to be patient and make members feel appreciated and valued while in the group. Group members need to be tolerant to the leader and point out weak aspects in his leadership skills instead of moving out of meeting.