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Public Relations

It is evident that the modern day public relations largely incorporates social media . In the beginning media was a major communication channel among the general public . Nevertheless, the use of radio, TV and print media had proved to attract more audiences (Stephen, 2016). This communication was however one way, two way communication is imperative to allow for effective commu8nciagion between affected parties. Many people around the world are connected to at least one social media platform and spend a lot of time active on them and so, PR professionals can speak and get feedback from their customers easily (Taral, 2016). Lag of information has significantly reduced. With the invention of smart phones, connecting with their intended customers is quick and almost personalized since a relationship has been created (Jennifer, 2014).

It has also occurred to me that public relations can be said to be a merger between science and art since it involves planning and vast research before playing its communication function, and recognizes that any action would attract a reaction-that is science. In the long run, public relations create mutual advantageous relationships- that is art. The creativity involved to attract the public brings out the artistic quality of being a public relations professional.

I can then conclude that PR is a practical science that is ever evolving so as to ensure that a firms’ relationship with the public is made efficient over time.


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