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Discussion Post

There are many similarities as well as differences between my initial thoughts from my discussion and Amy Mays’ discussion. I agree with Amy’s discussion about journalism being appropriate and an important factor in a democratic society because it helps citizens become aware of the issues affecting them in their social and political environments. Without journalism, it would be difficult for most important matters affecting residents to reach them. Therefore, I could not agree more with Amy’s argument. Amy’s rises in defense of journalism despite it having many critics who argue that it is sensationalistic and geared towards wrong issues and areas. Like Amy, I tend to lean on the side of positivity of journalism and having an opportunity to discuss the importance of journalism in visual and print media; I would do the same – defend it.

There are many similarities between Amy’s discussion and my analysis than there are differences because both their argument and mine seem to support journalism. For example, Amy observes that journalism dedicates itself in issues that affect the citizens. In my discussion too, I have discussed and provided the example of the role journalism plays, including the role it is playing in the current United States presidential elections. There are other standard benefits of reporting to the society that both discussions have highlighted including financial, social, and world affairs among others. Another important issue that both studies have highlighted is the one of holding public figures accountable for their actions. This represents one of the most important roles of journalism. Therefore, there are many similarities in both arguments.