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(Cassandra Bostic) 401 IDS Discussion & Global Society

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(Cassandra Bostic) 401 IDS Discussion & Global Society

Cassandra Bostic claims that the class helped her to understand the different ways individuals are connected globally. She writes that social networking is critical in the society as it enhances communication between different people around the globe. In module 2, she explains, she was taught about the World Wide Web, in particular, You tube Video, where she realized that world wide web is about linking people. It is clear that she discusses how technology and the internet link different human beings across the world—and to her, it seems, the importance of technology and globalization cannot be underestimated.

Cassandra does not fully discuss her personal role in work force engagement. She only states that her position as a business banker is going to expand and she is going to help clients globally known and become part of their success by embracing technology (Al Kailani & Kumar, 2011). This response, I think, is unsatisfactory. Cassandra has to explain the examples of the different communication methods that enhance globalization and how she plans to undertake like using social media platforms,

Casandra Bostic should start using tools of global technology in her work to connect with friends, family, and clients at the place of work (Al Kailani & Kumar, 2011). She should embrace the use of digital technology—such as email, Facebook twitter, Skype, and others—in accessing and conveying information in her life.

All in all, Cansandra understand that globalization means the free movements of services, goods, and price around the world in an integrated and seamless manner. With clear knowledge about the importance of globalization, I think that Cassandra is going to cope well at the place of work and school by effectively using technology in communication.


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