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The legalisation of marijuana has become a very big issue off late and has mostly been in news and political agenda of America. Marijuana which comes from cannabis, widely grown in America, is a lesser addictive drug and used for medical purposes has added to the quest for legalisation. The legalisation of the item shall go down as the biggest experiment of the 21st century, if it so happens.

In this assignment we come across the advantages and disadvantages for both the individuals and society, as a whole, with the legalisation of marijuana. The legalisation of a drug, either being more or less effective, can turn to a blessing or even a curse to humanity.

Pros of Legalising Marijuana

Marijuana has been backed by various reasons to be legalised in the modern era as the prohibition imposed has failed to control and domestic production and use of marijuana over the years. The US Government has used imposing of criminal practices against the production and trade but failed and cannabis has been the largest crop of America and marijuana is grown worldwide. The substance is not more harmful than consumption of alcohol or smoking and both are legal and widely sold all over. Marijuana has been medically beneficial in the treatment of diseases like cancer, AIDS, glaucoma and others (White, 2014). With the product being illegal has backed many activities like cross border smuggling with states and countries which also opens the way for some higher category of banned drugs.

Any sort of prohibition imposed does not restrict the use and consumption of any type of drugs. It rather raises the value due to the high risk of trading the same and becomes a valued item for the black marketers. Initiatives to legalise marijuana has gained very high support in the developed and developing countries where the local law enforcement people have endorsed it. It supports the fiscal condition of countries like America where it is highly grown and serves as a source of revenue.

Cons of Legalising Marijuana

Although there has been various statement given to support the legalisation of marijuana yet there are various disadvantages of doing the same. Tough it is considered less or equally harmful to alcohol or smoking, the excessive or long-term use of the same can be harmful to a person and also the second hand smoke is harmful to others like in tobacco smoking for passive smokers. A person getting addicted to one type of drug may even someday turn to more harmful drugs like heroin and cocaine (John and Lemieux, 2001). Growing of marijuana should be banned as there are many more staple crops that than be grown to bask the fiscal policy and generate revenue than cropping of a type of drug.

An item that has harmful effect on the human well being cannot be backed by the government of any country to be promoted as legal as the purpose of the government is to protect the people and the country rather than exposing them to risks (Sacco and Finklea, 2013) . The easy availability of the drug would result in higher number of users in the long run than reducing them. Any type of drug habit shall make the user more addictive and induce them to engage in other illegal activities to get money for purchasing it. With the legalisation of drugs, children shall learn the message of drugs to be acceptable.


The strong pros in favour of legalisation of the drug are insufficient to go beyond the cons of the same. The legalisation of any type of drug should be stopped and even attempts should be made to make the other easily available drugs be included in the same list. Drugs are in no way helpful directly until it is used in a proper way to prepare medicines and so the legalisation should be restricted to certain level and the protectors of law should also be empowered to monitor the same. It is in human nature to either overuse or misuse a particular substance which is rather present in nature for some particular aid to people.


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