Discussion: Effective Logo Design

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Discussion: Effective Logo Design

Discussion: Effective Logo Design 1

Memorable: both of them can be easily remembered by the viewers for a substantial period of time especially since they have distinctive company names on them.

Simplicity: both logos are simple. NASA logos has stars inclined on it to portray its role of supervising the space as Burger King has an image of burger that can be easily identified with its operations as a fast food chain.

Versatility: For both of these logos, this component cannot be effectively explored since it will be difficult to change the circle encompassing the logo to different billboards size and formats. Enlarging these logos and fitting them on large billboards might distort the shapes of the images within them.

Timelessness: yes both logos can withstand the test of time especially since they have been uniquely integrated with the organization’s names within them for easy recognition.

Distinctiveness: both of these logos in the marketplace. The NASA logo is unique because it encompasses images of stars and a planet-like ring that make it stand out as an organisation that focuses on exploring the space. The Burger King logo is also unique because the name of the company is integrated between the burger hence a challenge to copy its details by other companies.

Relevance: yes, the colors and symbols used for the logos make sense since they have adopted space beings like stars and planet in the case of NASA and a burger for the case of Burger King Logo.