Discussion case study: Unit Title Global Entrepreneurship. Essay Example

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Global Entrepreneurship

Question 1

The role of creativity in Emily Porter’s entrepreneurial life was to advance her carrier and earn more money. After buying a second, more sophisticated camera, Emily Porter’s creativity enabled her to sell several photographs weakly thus enabling her to earn more money than usual. Creativity enabled Porter to develop her career further when she was offered a job as a photographer of an association in America. In America she was able to attend university and developed more varied techniques in black-and-white photography. The role of creativity is thus very significant in Emily Porter’s entrepreneurial life. Due to creativity Emily manage to launch a unique photography business in Utrecht, and currently owning a chain of franchised photography stores in the entire Netherlands.

Question 2

Emily Porter’s childhood was greatly affected by creativity. Due to creativity Emily was viewed as shy and quit girl. She used to avoid the companionship of her classmates and spent a lot of her time exploring the artistic and visual environment’s aspects. She was not interested with anything a part from how things are viewed by eyes. Creative people need support such as the support Emily received from her further so as to fulfill her dreams. The initial support that Emily received from her further made her career to develop further and final became a successful entrepreneur with a chain of photography stores in Netherlands.

Question 3

Creativity enhances a firm’s success by ensuring that a firm produces a product that is totally unique and attractive to buy. This therefore usually increases the sales of any given firm and thus its productivity. With minimal cost of production and increased productivity and sales a firm’s success is enhanced.

Question 4

There are several pitfalls of creativity in a person’s work life. Creativity result into isolation. It needs a lot of time. For a person to be creative he or she needs a lot of time to acquire knowledge and skills. Attention of an individual is usually fixed on the project, thus drawing attention and time from social events. Creativity can also cause personal danger by domain in an individual’s work life. Since the work undertaken is new, individuals can be killed by the material or areas in which they are operating in.

Question 5

Marcus Westbury is a broadcaster, media developer, writer and festive director. He has participated in some innovative, unconventional and flourishing cultural projects and events in Australia. He also worked in media industry as a writer, producer, presenter and director. Marcus with his own funds and energy came up with Renew Newcastle in 2008. Renewal Newcastle is a renewal scheme that has found its way in more than thirty empty buildings in Marcus home town of Newcastle for creative enterprises, cultural projects and artists.


Case study 4.1 Photoart, the Netherlands